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A Fairy Tale Life

Updated: Mar 6

Many of us love fairy tales because they tell us moralistic stories, fantastically romanticise our world and offer sympathetic characters. However, what if one lives in the real world as though they were living in a fairy tale?

“A Fairy Tale Life” by Vrinda Wakhlu tells the story of a man who has lost his senses and no longer realises the difference between a fairy tale and real life. It is all the same for him; others must live with it.



This contribution is critiqued by Sravani Dhulipala, reviewed by R. S. Chintalapati, edited by Tarun Chintam and photographed by Nikhila Kotni.



This short story is available in a paperback & ebook.

Cover Photo by Nikhila Kotni

He woke up in a dark and eerie place. Deep in the corner, there sat a girl, so small that she would have gone unnoticed had it not been for her long tresses curling over themselves and making their way up to his feet. Legs bent up to reach her chest, and with her head between her knees, she was whimpering.

“E-Excuse me…”

She kept crying. It was surprising how her soft sobs tugged so hard on his gut.