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An Artist’s Dream

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

An Artist’s Dream is a story of three characters: Naina, Rithika & Meera. It is a collection of three hundred tales that explore the theme of love, legacy & life.

This story is about a patriarch & his acts that change the course of his family for generations. It shows how lives & judgments dictated by fear ruin people to their core.

Cover Photo by Nikhil Narayanasa


Part I: Love

  1. Your Adorable Artist

  2. His Perpetual Paradise

  3. Their Dreadful Destiny

  4. -

Part II: Legacy

  1. -

  2. -

  3. -

  4. -

Part III: Life

  1. -

  2. -

  3. -

  4. -



This contribution is created by R. S. Chintalapati, contributed by Nikhila Kotni, edited by Sreekar Ayyagari & photographed by Nikhil Narayanasa.



All the books in this collection are sold independently. If you wish to make a purchase, check the parts individually & acquire a copy. All parts are available in paperback & ebook.

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