An Artist’s Dream: Book I

Your Adorable Artist

This is the first part of An Artist’s Dream that tells the story of Naina through ten incidents that changed her life & made her the person she is.

Showcasing how a few hypocritical individuals hate a person all their life for their misdeeds to become that person, in the end, Naina’s story is emotionally overwhelming.

Cover Photo by Nikhil Narayanasa


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  1. The Tale of Bitter Truth

  2. The Tale of a Lamenting Artist

  3. The Tale of a Questionnaire

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  1. The Tale of a Truth-teller

  2. Releasing on 03.10.2022

  3. Releasing on 17.10.2022

  4. Releasing on 03.11.2022

  5. Releasing on 17.11.2022

  6. Releasing on 03.12.2022

  7. Releasing on 17.12.2022



This contribution is created by R. S. Chintalapati, contributed by Nikhila Kotni, edited by Sreekar Ayyagari, photographed by Nikhil Narayanasa, & acted by Mounika Kodeboina.



This short story is available in paperback & ebook.

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