An Artist’s Dream: Part I: Tale I

Updated: Sep 13

Book I: Your Adorable Artist

Chapter I: The Tale of Bitter Truth

Glaring at the drizzling grey clouds, Naina stood at the entrance of her home drenched in her wet school uniform. She was determined to confront her mother today with the question that had been burning her for months.

Meanwhile, for the tenth time, she heard her grandfather plead with her to change her clothes & drink some hot milk, but she didn’t want to. She first wanted the answer. So she asked him again, “Where is papa?” & he remained as silent as he was throughout the way when he picked her up from school.

The old one knew that his granddaughter was as stubborn as his daughter. Perhaps even a little more & he could not think of a way to calm her. He presumed that the children in the class might have asked about it because the teachers wouldn’t. They knew the truth & his daughter made sure of it.

Rukmini was back home after work as he thought of ways to pacify his granddaughter. Approaching the entrance, she could see Naina waiting by the door. Noticing her, she knew that evening wouldn’t be so leisurely.

Before she even stepped inside, Naina shouted, “Mama, where is papa!”

Glancing at the old one, Rukmini took a deep breath. Before she spoke, her father warned, “She is too young.”

All her life, Rukmini was also lied to by her parents in the hope that she was protected. But sooner rather than later, the truth about their debt flipped her life.

Kneeling before her blood, Rukmini replied, “Your father...”

The old one interrupted her to presage, “She cannot handle it.”

Realising it was folly to protect a coward, Rukmini continued, “Your father left us, Naina.”

Listening to her father’s smear, Rukmini shouted, “Let her know that her father isn’t...”

She held her words for a second before continuing in a quieter tone, “That he isn’t a beacon of hope or an ideal of trust to look up to.”

“Feed your child with such poison & she will become bitter & senseless.” noted the old one.

Stepping inside, Rukmini replied, “Leagues better than live a lie until reality breaks her down.”

Concluding the sentence, she realised it wasn’t time to fight her battles but instead help the little one. Looking at her with eyes filled with tears, Rukmini hugged her.

Holding her mother tightly, Naina faintly whispered, “How could he leave us?” & Rukmini couldn’t help but relive the moment she hated the most. The moment her husband stepped out of their home, leaving her & their baby for the love of his life.





This contribution is created by R. S. Chintalapati, contributed by Nikhila Kotni, edited by Sreekar Ayyagari, photographed by Nikhil Narayanasa, & acted by Mounika Kodeboina.



This story is available in paperback & ebook.

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