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Broken Bonds

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

A couple of youngsters start taking life decisions without any idea as to what the consequence of these decisions could be on their future. Each of them then has to either grow beyond the problem or surrender to their circumstances in their journey.

“Broken Bonds” by R. S. Chintalapati is a drama that deals with the themes of love, life, legacy & compromise. It shows how one should either grow beyond their problem to solve it or succumb and live within its dictated framework.


Dedicated to

Bajju, Mani, Mahi, Milky, Pakoli, Nikki, PC, Pravi, Chethu, & Nasa.

Cover Photo by Pankaj Tottada


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  1. Characters

  2. Scene I

  3. Scene II

  4. Scene III

  5. Scene IV

  6. Scene V

  7. Scene VI

  8. Scene VII

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  1. Scene VIII

  2. Scene IX

  3. Scene X

  4. Scene XI

  5. Scene XII

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  7. Scene XIV

  8. Scene XV

  9. Scene XVI

  10. Scene XVII

  11. Scene XVIII

  12. Scene XIX

  13. Scene XX

  14. Scene XXI



This contribution is edited by Tarun Chintam & photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This drama is available in paperback & ebook.

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