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Broken Bonds: Scene II

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

[This scene takes place in the living room of the girl's apartment. To one end was a television and facing it was a sofa filled with cushions and teddy bears. Chandini and Pratyusha sat on the sofa while Maina and Nivedita sat on the carpet filling plates with rice and curry. While Maina just returned back from Bhadra’s home, all the others were also exhausted having done window shopping since afternoon. It was a pleasant full moon night.]

Nivedita served rice and asked Maina:

So how did the first visit go? We are quite curious to know what has happened. I wish Madhuri had stayed back, it would have been a delight to listen to her version of the story too. Trust me, I don’t understand why she has to leave. If we four girls are staying far away from our families. What would happen if she had stayed back? I get angry when parents insist that their children be back home before 9 pm!

Chandini got down from the sofa and served herself some curry. Tasting the curry, she answered:

It is perhaps because they want to have dinner together! Maybe that is the only time when all the family members meet for the entire day. I seriously never valued my dinner for many years and did not even understand why my mother insisted on my presence but now, I miss my family dinners. Just before I eat, I recall my family. Perhaps Madhuri is lucky to have her family in the same city where she works.

After a moment of silence, Maina answered:

Yeah, she is kinda lucky. Everything was fine Nivedita and I couldn’t meet her mother as she had to travel to the nearby city. Madhuri told me she would be coming back late at night but the funny part was when I met Bhadra’s younger brother. You must see him, looks like a joker. Man, the red nose is perfect! He also has a friend named Neelkanth who is quite charming, his dress was amazing!

Pratyusha who was busy with her phone until then suddenly throws it on the sofa and shouts furiously:

What is wrong with this fellow? I told him, I am not interested in a relationship but he never gives up. I told him all about my relationship, but still, he says he can’t give up on me. He claims himself to be romantic which is idiotic! I will slap him the next time he keeps on messaging me. Some guys should understand when a girl says no, it is a no!

Nivedita tasted the delicious eggplant curry that Chandini cooked before asking:

Didn’t you tell him that you are in a relationship with Mukund? Maybe he doesn’t understand what a relationship means. Trust me, it happens... and is it Pallav? If it is him, then you can never make him understand. He has this pre-imposed notion that you and Mukund can’t work it out. I don’t know what makes him believe that!

Chandini who just finished her dinner continued as fast as she could say:

Even I believe Pratyusha and Mukund cannot work it out. We all have only one soul mate and to think otherwise is both mad and stupid! I think Pratyusha should be happy that a handsome boy like Pallav loves her. How many boys do these days wait for a girl even after they reject their proposal for a relationship? But still, he loves her no matter what! He is to be admired as these are the days when relationships are like contracts agreed by two people! Love is not a clause in it, unfortunately.

Maina heard Chandini and asked curiously:

You were right about the madness but why would a girl like a boy who is already in a relationship? Isn’t it foolish if she is giving herself to a boy who actually loves another girl with her knowledge? Are these girls we are talking about real? Because, if my Bhadra would someday love someone else, I would kill him! He is mine and only mine. That is how it is and that is how it should always be!

Chandini was shocked on hearing Maina, she never expected that Pratyusha didn’t tell them about Mukund:

Seriously? Both of you don’t know that Mukund actually loves another girl apart from her? Come on, guys! You never knew that? I thought you knew it. She loves him despite the fact that he actually loves another girl! Whenever I ask her, she tells me that he told her, he loves her more than the other girl! Their whole relationship has been like this since the beginning!

[Maina’s face turned pale. She did not believe what she just heard and was lost in her thoughts]

Nivedita furiously asked:

Pratyusha! What is wrong with you? Do you love Mukund even after he loves another girl? You are not only fooling yourself but you are also destroying the other girl's relationship! My God! How can you even do this? Did you even think twice before taking this decision? Boys lie all the time and if he is just lying imagine how much that would affect you!

Pratyusha snapped back:

Nivedita, you out of all should not talk about relationships! You don’t even have the courage to accept Keshav’s request. It has been two years since he proposed and even today, he is waiting for a response and you are talking about love? Frankly, nothing can be more amusing!

While Nivedita was grinning her teeth unable to say anything Maina said:

Alright! I have been in a relationship for years. Am I qualified to tell you? Just because a boy says, he loves you more, it isn’t true! Loving a boy who loves two girls at once is as foolish as it sounds and the worst part of it is that you are defending your actions! Pratyusha, it doesn’t take a genius to tell you that you are fooling yourself. You would end up either breaking another relationship or sunk in sorrow about a boy whom you believed! Ultimately, you would regret letting him betray you!

Chandini clapped in excitement and shouted:

That is exactly what I told her in the first place! I told you, he would leave you if you force Mukund to choose between one of you. He is just having fun and you are letting him! Why don’t you just start afresh and love the boy who loves you? He is lovely!

Pratyusha burst out saying:

None of you knows the pain of letting go of a boy whom you love wholeheartedly! You talk so much about soul mates Chandini? What if your soul mate loved another girl? Would you just let him go? And Maina, if your cute little Bhadra loved another girl, can you just wipe off your memory and forget him? All of us are the same! We are selfish but we preach when it isn’t our fault. I am not fooling myself and if you were in my position, none of you will act any different!

The room was silent for a few moments and breaking the silence, Pratyusha said:

I am sorry guys. For me, this is very personal and I understand you guys are trying to knock some sense into my head but it would take time. However, I promise that I will ask Mukund to choose and Chandini, if you like Pallav so much, why don’t you start a relationship with him?

Chandini stated:

Pallav and Me? My god! He is younger than me. He is like my little brother!





This contribution is edited by Tarun Chintam & photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



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