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Broken Bonds: Scene III

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

[Finishing his work on the first day of the week, Keshav returned home tired. Working in a steel company was very tiresome and for a graduate who has only a year of training, it was tough. Fortunately, he got placed on the outskirts of his hometown and was living with his brother. Keshav visited his family every weekend and as he rested on his unorganized bed filled with clothes, his younger brother Pallav knocked on the door before entering. The sun was setting.]

Pallav looking at his brother sleeping on the bed in his formal dress said:

Brother, can I talk to you for a few minutes. I am stuck in my life and everything seems to fail. My job is boring, and my love life is a mess, as the girl I love is with another. I want to learn a few tips from you and before you say anything, I would like you to know that you are my inspiration for many things. It takes a lot of determination to stick to a girl who doesn’t respond to you when you are in love with her. I value you now more than ever because I feel it. There is nothing more disheartening than a one-sided relationship!

Keshav sat and was surprised to listen to his brother’s admiration towards him. He asked:

Pratyusha didn’t give up on Mukund, did she? My little brother, since you have come to me for help, I am being completely honest with you. I don’t know how determined you think I am, but you must learn one important thing today. Two people love each other only when they can be happy and see a future together. At the end of the day, it all comes back to happiness and no matter how we see it, all healthy relationships are those which are filled with happy moments outnumbering the sad ones. However, to start one such relationship there is one crucial element that both the boy and the girl should share. It is called hope! No matter how determined a boy or a girl is when his or her partner doesn’t have hope of a successful future, the relationship would not even begin but if they really share hope, I believe it is the inception of the trust! Over time, this trust would make their thoughts alike and every moment with their partner would be bliss!

[Pallav loved what he just heard. He was so surprised that it was all so simple when his brother says it]

Keshav continued after Pallav sat beside him on the bed:

But, not all relations are the same as this world has millions of minds living together. Sometimes, few people actually build their hope on the wrong persons but they wouldn’t know it, would they? This hope is a slow poison as it doesn’t just kill the individual’s happiness but would make them question the concept of relationships. I am sorry for saying this but both you and Pratyusha are hoping for the wrong persons, she is hoping for Mukund which is never going to happen as he doesn’t share an ounce of hope with her and you are hoping for her which would also not happen because if she realizes her relationship won’t work, she would be devastated. Which means she would in no way even think of starting a relationship with you.

Pallav thought for a second and asked:

I don’t understand why doesn’t she sense he is using her. Everything is plain and simple! Why can’t she just open her eyes and see what exactly is happening? Am I asking too much? Or is she being foolish, isn’t she? What is so difficult to understand?

Keshav was fed up but he took a deep breath and explained:

She isn’t being foolish, please stop saying that and also stop wondering why she is not like you but try to understand why she is still hoping for Mukund. She is not letting it go because deep inside, she has hope. Do you even believe that without an ounce of hope, I stayed with Nivedita for such a long time? She is hopeful about our future as much as I am! You would be a fool if you still hope for Pratyusha!

[Pallav did not say a word.]





This contribution is edited by Tarun Chintam & photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This drama is available in paperback & ebook.

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