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Broken Bonds: Scene IV

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

[It was sunny friday afternoon and just a few hours before the weekend holidays started, Neelkanth and Rohan waited for the author in their office. These meetings were conducted to seal the deal about royalty that would be paid after the book was published. As the clock short hour hand reached four, Nivedita arrived and knocked on the door.]

Neelkanth opened the door and welcomed her:

Hello there, my name is Neelkanth. Nice to meet you in person Ms. Nivedita. We are pleased to sign a deal with you, I was fascinated reading your manuscript. I must admit that it needs a bit of editing but my God you are excellent at playing with your words. Please take a seat and this is my brother and publisher Rohan!

Nivedita greeted and settled down in a chair while Neelkanth gave her a glass filled with grape juice. Sipping it, she said:

I am glad you guys liked the story. Though it might sound rude, I must also admit that you guys have a different taste as compared to other publishers to whom I have sent it to previously. Some of them even lost their taste for tragedies and every paperback book I buy today is filled with stuff that would rush the adrenaline. Being a reader, I sometimes feel that just because the writer wants the character to be a hero, he is made to look like one but none of his qualities inspire me and just don’t ask me about the heroine. She is just a supporting character in most of the novels these days. I have recently read a book titled “Nude’d” and trust me, it was suggested to me by three of my close friends and every word in it is shit! My friends enjoyed the lead female role getting drunk, partying late night, dating random boys for sex and what not! Given a chance, I would punch the publisher straight on his face for publishing such a piece of garbage!

[While Neelkanth smiled, Rohan smirked looked at him. A moment later]

Rohan leaned forward and spoke for the first time saying:

Then, you can just punch me on my nose and scold me as you wish because I am the idiot who published it. Forgive me; I regret publishing it more than you do but sometimes we don’t have a choice, do we? I believe for a publisher to publish one good book, he has to publish at least ten bad books filled with stories that readers would love to read. If not the publisher would have no business to run or investment to publish another book. Anyway, I found your book quite captivating and I find your views quite impressive too. Business aside, would you like have a cup of coffee with me sometime?

[Neelkanth was shocked seeing Rohan asking a girl to him join for coffee]

Nivedita smiled and replied:

I wouldn’t mind at all. Shall we meet at 6 pm?

Nivedita stood up and left with hoping to complete the business talk that evening.

Neelkanth walked along with her and closed the door. He immediately turned back and shouted:

What the fish! What just happened? Did you ask a girl out for coffee? Rohan, is everything alright? I feel like my world has been just ripped apart. It is like an unexpected catastrophe! Did you like her by any chance? Man, I am going to kill myself today!

Rohan smirked again.

He knew that it has been years since he asked a girl for a cup of coffee but after Neelkanth kept on shouting in excitement, he replied:

Come on Neelkanth. Look at her, she looks beautiful and let alone her beauty, her views about valuing family more than friends, her way of writing words and arguing about the various elements of writing is impressive. What more could I seek from a girl to ask her to join me for a cup of coffee? She left me curious and now it is the time I learn about her as much as I can.

Neelkanth heard everything patiently and replied:

There was once a friend of mine who told me, “Even the most idiotic works in writing have something of an essence imbued in them and all that it takes is to look at them from the perspective of which the writer intended us to see it from” and that idiot is just staring at me now. When you talk to her, I am afraid of what might happen Rohan, as you seem quite impressed by her already.

After a moment of silence while Neelkanth and Rohan looked at each other, Neelkanth continued:

Rohan, do not make a mistake, Gods’ aren’t cruel but they wouldn’t hesitate to test every one of us wanting to see if we would really live up to what we deeply believe in our life!

Rohan smiled before exclaiming:

And Gods’ would be amazed to see me answer them!





This contribution is edited by Tarun Chintam & photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This drama is available in paperback & ebook.

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