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Broken Bonds: Scene V

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

[This scene takes place in Mahesh’s apartment at 4 pm on Friday evening as the sun was setting. The room was cleaned by Mahesh as soon as he received a message from Madhuri well in advance that she would be coming to meet him. In the past, there were times when Madhuri left as soon as both of them reached his place, as Mahesh seldom cleaned it and the apartment stinks. After she arrived and both of them settled down, Madhuri sat on the bed caressing Mahesh’s hair and he lay on her lap.]

Mahesh looked at Madhuri as she was lost in her thoughts. He asked:

You seemed to be distracted. What happened? Are you getting those horror dreams again or are you wondering about our future as you always do? You must understand that I am settled and will take good care of you. I am a member of your caste by the good grace of all Gods and your mother has no reason to reject me. Don’t worry about me being eight years elder than you, I think your mother wouldn’t worry about that either as back in her time, even a gap of ten years was nothing.

Madhuri looked at Mahesh for a moment and replied:

I am not worried about us. I am worried about my elder brother and Maina. After many arguments, Rohan failed to convince Bhadra to let go of his relationship with Maina for the family. Two days back, they had an argument again and Bhadra just walked away calling Rohan a fool it seems. My mother isn’t the woman most of my friends think she is. Though she appears to be calm, she is not! Since we lost our father, she has taken both roles and I have never seen any woman of her age being more stubborn than her. I know, for sure, she wouldn’t even allow Maina to step into our kitchen and imagine my elder brother wants to bring Maina as her daughter-in-law. I am worried about what would happen!

Mahesh smiled before saying:

I believe you are overthinking it. Most parents wouldn’t let go of their children, especially mothers. For them, their sons are the most prized possessions and the last thing they would do is to let them go! Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. In fact, I am sure your mother would compromise and welcome Maina gladly as a member of your family. She is a good girl and is beautiful. What more could your mother ask for? She might not be of our caste but she is from a royal family after all! I don’t see any reason why your mother would not be convinced.

Madhuri was disappointed as Mahesh did not understand the seriousness, so she shouted:

You don’t understand Mahesh! Maina isn’t that perfect and I don’t blame her. No girl of her age is perfect, do you think I am perfect? But the problem with Maina is quite different. She is short-tempered and I can't even imagine what would she say in an argument that would inevitably happen when she would meet my mother. I dread the thought of both of them fighting. Bhadra cannot pick a side! Neither Rohan nor I can handle the situation.

Mahesh did not want to talk about this topic, so he diverted the discussion by saying:

Say whatever you want to about Bhadra but I like him. Your brother has got the guts to stand up for what he believes and loves in his life. I think Rohan lacks that, thanks to your mother. He is as stubborn as she is and I am afraid he might suffer a lot in the future!

Madhuri hit Mahesh on his head and said:

And that is why I say you are crazy! You praise the family idiot and forget to even acknowledge the hero!





This contribution is edited by Tarun Chintam & photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This drama is available in paperback & ebook.

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