Broken Bonds: Scene VII

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[At 6 P.M., Rohan left for the nearby Casting cafe to have a cup of coffee with Nivedita. He was excited to know more about her as her ideas resembled his ideas. For some unknown reason, he was admiring her without even knowing her completely. Saying goodbye to Neelkanth, he walked to the nearby Casting cafe and Nivedita was already waiting for him.]

Rohan greeted her and after both of them settled down and ordered, he started:

So, before I ask you about other things, we are willing to pay sixty percent of the royalty to your book. I hope you are convinced with the deal and if you are convinced, we would be delighted to welcome you to the community of creators! I hope, you would contribute many such books in the future to our publishing house. However, before the release itself, I am letting you know, always remember that books and movies are very different from other forms of art in terms of reception from the readers or viewers. Over the years, I am sure you would also know that. Sometimes, people love them even if it they are simple and sometimes, they won’t even pick them up even if it is super fun. None of us ever understand how it works!

Nivedita thought about the deal for a moment and accepted saying:

Thank you for the deal. I am glad, my first work is getting finally getting published years after I finished writing it and please don’t worry about the reviews. For a person like me determined to tell more stories, I think reviews can do nothing but motivate me to write better. Anyway, I would like to know why is that you asked me to join you for coffee? I am sure this isn’t the usual thing that you do with all writers whom you sign a deal.

Rohan smiled as the waiter served them coffee. He frankly wanted to tell her why he invited her, so he said:

Let me cut to the chase. I invited you for a cup of coffee because I wish to know if you truly believe in a few things that you have mentioned in your novel. Frankly, I find them quite interesting because I also share the same views. For example, the lead role in your novel given a choice between family and friends chooses family. Her priorities are fixed and she doesn’t even have second thoughts! Do you share the same view or is it just for the story?

Nivedita immediately answered:

I share the same view as well. Isn’t it foolish to actually trust your friends more than your family? You depend on your family for almost everything but wouldn’t even care to share something important? Such things make me go crazy! I seriously don’t understand why friends share their darkest secrets with others but don’t talk to their brothers or sisters. It doesn’t make sense to me, how do they trust their friends so much? These relations can fail instantly and sometimes the friends we trust are the ones who turn against us, aren’t they? As a famous author once said, “The only person who can hurt us the most is the person we loved and trusted!”

Rohan was amazed. He loved the way she said it. He said:

Exactly! I totally agree with you and can I know…

Nivedita interrupted him and Rohan was a bit taken back but wanted to listen to what she had to say:

I am sure you know that I am one of your sister's friends and I would like to know your opinion about my friend Maina and your brother Bhadra being a couple? I want to know because I have heard a lot many things about you. I have heard, you talk about family legacy and believe in the caste system. What surprises me is, being an educated graduate, you support the caste system which actually divides the country! I am sorry for asking this but only since you asked my view, I am in return asking yours.

Rohan finished his coffee and said:

Alright. Do you know why everyone around me really thinks I am an idiot? Because they have in their mind, the image of me dividing people and setting priorities for everyone based on their caste and religion but the reality is I don’t do that. I simply oppose inter-caste marriages because every caste in India has its own way of living. When a couple is from two different castes, there are many aspects that wouldn’t go hand in hand and compromise is the only way. Now, you have said a great deal about trust, tell me, would you purchase an item knowing for a fact that you would have to compromise on a lot many aspects using it? Hell no! None of us do unless the item is itself a rare possession. But, look at my brother, he is making a choice in which he would have to compromise on many aspects for a lifetime! I believe he would regret this decision somewhere down the road in the years to come. I feel, he would reap what he has sown now.

Nivedita smiled listening to Rohan and wondered how Madhuri boasted about him. A moment later, she explained:

From what I understand, you don’t even know what love means! When you say Bhadra has to comprise, I say it doesn’t really matter if they are from the same caste or from a different caste. It is all the same as leading a life with another person would always require someone to compromise and seriously do you really think all of that even matters? You need to understand that at the end of the day it all comes back to one thing, looking into the eyes of each other and letting our hearts shout out in joy that they love each other. They believe that no matter what happens, there is another soul in this solitary world who loves them. I strongly believe that there is nothing more beautiful than the warmth of a lover’s hug and the bliss in a kiss!

Though Rohan wanted to argue interrupting her, he heard everything patiently. Later he said:

Alright, let’s just say I agree with that. What about my brother’s legacy? I assume you know that when the castes were initially created, it was based on the nature of work and the human mindset. For example, Brahmins are more into acquiring knowledge while the Kshatriyas are brave and ferocious. This division was not meant to divide the humans but was to make the proper use of the inner potential of a person. If a talented child is denied education, it shall not only affect him but in fact would affect the whole society and in today's world, unfortunately, there are thousands of children being placed into something that they are not meant to be in and look at our society now! What has happened over the years was that the caste system was differently interpreted. Maybe because the majority of us started honouring jobs involving mental activity rather than physical activity. This honouring of specific jobs has created a differentiation that destroyed the whole purpose of caste creation. Over the years, even respect for hard workers like farmers has decreased and now we live in a society where children are forced to attain a white-collar job! Only if they do so, they are respected! A society bound by the rules of caste is successful and progressive as most of the children would use their inner potential to help the society but as days pass by, these inter-caste marriages are staining the legacy our forefathers have left for us. I would never accept the legacy, my forefathers passed on, getting stained. I respect Maina by all means and she is always welcome to our family as a friend but not as a relation!

Nivedita was tired. She knew arguing with an adamant guy like Rohan was of no use. So, she curiously asked:

And what would you do if someday you would love a girl who is not a member of your caste? Would let her go because she would stain your legacy?

[Rohan looked at Nivedita and smiled]





This contribution is edited by Tarun Chintam & photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



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