Burning Beacons: Chapter III

Updated: Sep 13

Day 283: Birth

Feeling a newborn for the first time is an experience that’s unparalleled. Especially when that life is related. It’s like feeling God in mortal form by those corrupted by materialism during their course of existence.


Picking up the transmitter, Bhaskar’s manager accepted his request to meet him. After signing a few documents, he waved at Bhaskar to enter the chamber.

He waved again listening to Bhaskar’s plea and Bhasker immediately rushed on his scooter to the hospital. Enquiring his wife’s name at the information center, he rushed to the maternity ward where he found his wife unconscious.

Walking towards the cradle beside the bed, Bhaskar could see his spitting image sleeping in silence. Happiness filled his eyes with tears as he extended his hand to touch him.

Looking at his son laying in the cradle, Bhaskar’s mother mentioned, “The Gods have given you an heir!”

Observing her son staring at the life he sourced, she continued, “Lakshmi will soon join.”

No matter what his mother said, Bhaskar couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful life that was before him. He knew there was a reason henceforth to strive and without a second thought, he promised himself that all his actions should serve his little one.

The moment he felt him, tears of happiness slid his cheek as his mother hugged him.

Touching his adorable finger, Bhaskar mentioned, “It’s him.”

With a smile, his mother acknowledged, “He couldn’t be away for long considering how much you loved him.”

Meanwhile, Srinivas stood before Rudra, staring at his third eye. Staring at the inordinate amount of energy, Srinivas asked, “Why was I summoned, father?”

With a charismatic smile, Rudra replied, “You shall have to relive another dharmic life in-order to become a part of me, child.”

Kneeling, Srinivas begged, “Forgive my sins father. I do not wish to live in that hell. I would rather take any other punishment. Please don’t send me again...”

Continuing to smile, Rudra mentioned, “You haven’t been cleansed yet, child. Your desires should be destroyed before you become a part of me. You were created from me for that specific purpose.”

Accepting his fate, Srinivas pleaded, “At least give me strength father!”

For one last time, Srinivas saw Rudra before being thrown into darkness. He heard nothing but then, he heard his wife and son.

He felt delighted that the almighty had decided for him to be born into the same family, but before long he had no recollection of them anymore.

As Bhaskar turned to look at his wife, his mother asked, “Are you planning to name him Srinivas?”

Not intending to lie, Bhaskar replied, “Not until I saw him. I always wanted him to be Karna.”

With a smile, his mother replied, “Since fallen heroes are today’s icons and distorted comprehension of epics cannot be undone. Taking his mother’s name into account, let’s name him Radheya.”

Silence prevailed for a moment before she continued, “You could have your wish. Just name him Radheya instead of Karna.”

After a moment of thought, Bhaskar suggested, “If it is Radheya, then let it be Srinivas Radheya.”





This contribution is written by Rajiv R Nair & R. S. Chintalapati, edited by Ahna Sahi, Sree Raj, & Tarun Chintam & photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This short story is available as a paperback & ebook.

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