Burning Beacons: Chapter VII

Updated: 6 days ago

Day 12,410: Life

If there is a single reality in the face of death, shouldn’t every individual either start an afterlife or just stop existing. However, such absolute ends are often questioned when talking about mind travel or astral forms. When pondering about existing on the other side of the portal, death is just the beginning of an individual’s journey to the worlds they believed in throughout their lifetime.


Into the darkness, as the Sun faded and shadows grew, Radheya stood at the front along with his cousin holding the cot that held his father’s corpse.

Bhaskar’s mortal eyes were closed and on the top of his body floated his soul watching the procession. He could see people mourning but couldn’t feel it personally and as the four men representative of the four servants of the death bringer took him to be fed to the fire, Bhaskar relished in joy seeing the angels floating in the sky. They were the lights in the unending darkness.

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