Burning Beacons: Chapter VIII

Updated: 6 days ago

Day 13,510: Birth

Time and loneliness turn even the most intelligent insane. In societies where bondings are feeble and belief systems are introspected to the extent of causing disbelief, dependencies between individuals become impractical. However, living in a world of the void is as good as non-existing, and seeking to love other forms of life who could be partners is no longer an alternative.


Filling up the documentation, Radheya took a look at the Indian Spitz that was soon going to be his family member.

After finalizing the payments and the first checkup of his place to verify if he could provide the dog a good home, Radheya was given permission to adopt.

Finishing the form, Radheya took hold of the dog leash. With a smile on his face of having owned a loyal lifelong companion, Radheya walked out of the store to find many others like him.

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