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Callous Conclusions

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Callous Conclusions is an anthology of five dramas by four authors namely Rajiv R Nair, R. S. Chintalapati, Saswati Banarjee & V. K. Telkepalli. ​The dramas have been chosen based on their theme of relationships & their cold endings.


Drama I

Calamities are not uncommon in our lives, but not all of us are bound to be destroyed by them. Some of us could pivot the disaster into an opportunity, which is some valuable skill only a few possess.

“Karma Café” by Saswati Banarjee & V. K. Telkepalli's a drama about a couple who possessed this valuable skill and used it to start a café that served customers based on their mood.


Drama II

Every emotion is complex, but nothing comes close to mortals striving to understand love. They use every possible way to explain it, yet it remains a mystery for almost everyone.


Sooth & Ilu” by R. S. Chintalapati narrates the story of two parrots who bet on every couple who fall in love while resting in the shade of their tree. The drama shows how individuals twistedly use love instead of lust as an expression to fulfil their desires.


Drama III

The fear of being judged is a demon not all of us can slay. A few of us hide in the shadows forever than face this anguish, especially when it is about being judged concerning appearances.

“The Girl I’ve Met On An App” by Rajiv R Nair deals with the idea of a boy and girl meeting through a dating app and getting to know each other for a while before meeting in person. Find out what happens when they meet in person?


Drama IV

After nearly two decades of conflict, a young Prince is not only passed his father’s crown but his ambition to unite the divided kingdom too. However, learning from his father’s mistakes, the young Prince plans to conquer through alliance rather than war.

​“Ploy” by R. S. Chintalapati explores the themes of love and war while noting how the conspirator saved more lives with his plan while just backstabbing a backstabber.

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