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Casket of Tales

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Casket of Tales is an anthology of short stories by eight authors namely Harsha Modukuri, Nikhila Kotni, Priyanka Udatha, P. C. Ravuri, Rajiv R Nair, R. S. Chintalapati, Sharon Mathew, & Viswanath Perala. The short stories in this anthology have been chosen since all of them deal with the theme of love in unique yet memorable ways.


Story I

When elders force unfulfilled dreams onto their children, these dreams aren’t owned. Mainly because the children never truly understand the dream’s beauty; they are filled with contempt about being compelled.

“A Musical Night” by Sharon Mathew is the story of two orphaned sisters where the younger sister is forced to learn music since the elder one sacrificed it for their survival.


Story II

Two orphaned siblings who mostly relive their happy memories from their sad past are bound to serve an unkind foreign Lord to repay their debt. When their lives seem hopeless, they meet a stranger with whom they change their life course.

“Brown Worms” by Harsha Modukuri is a tale of three individuals willing to pay their lives as a price in the pursuit of liberating themselves.


Story III

Being a part of any society means giving in to the collective opinion on some level. Even when our thought is more logical and has a rational argument, we fear facing the wrath of the collective.

“Complicated Relations” by R. S. Chintalapati tells the story of two couples who had to give in rather than live with their choice. The bitter reality is that their parents are the ones who trick them to save them.


Story IV

What is love? How does one define love? What makes it powerful? What makes it great? Is it time that makes it powerful? Is it people in the relationship that make it great?

“Eternal Love” by Rajiv R Nair deals with these questions through the tale of Arjun and Aditya. Showcasing how the couple often struggles but works things out due to their love for each other, this story reveals why love is powerful and significant.


Story V

Commitment only comes out of trust, and trust comes out of belief. Now belief comes out of understanding, and understanding comes out of affection. Now finally, affection is nothing but love.

“Hidden Bond” by Viswanath Perala explores this idea through a young couple trying to figure out how to work on their relationship after being separated for their higher education.


Story VI

They say, “If given a choice to choose between blood relations and friends, most often people choose friends.” The ones we own as ours are often the ones who backstab us to gain a short-lived benefit.

“Lucifer” by P. C. Ravuri tells the story of a boy and his family dealing with this idea in a curiously fascinating way by introducing the evil Lucifer himself.


Story VII

We all meet many people during our lifetime, but most are like passing clouds. As lovely as their company might be, in time, we bid them goodbye but rarely do we bond with someone we would never wish to leave.

“Nature’s Tale” by Priyanka Udatha tells the story of Nirmala meeting a foreigner and guiding him to various architectural sites. During these travels, an unbreakable bond forms until, one day, things change.


Story VIII

Naina witnesses an accident on her way to college. Once she returns home, something unexpected happens. Is it her post-traumatic response or something paranormal? Read “The Mysterious Sound” by Nikhila Kotni to know Naina’s horrifying experience.

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