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Creators’ Memoirs

Updated: Oct 19

Creators’ Memoirs is a collection of twelve experiences from nine creators sharing their pleasant and essential learnings. These incidents also reveal a little about our creators’ personal lives and cherished memories.

Cover Photo by Ravindra Patoju


Exclusive Access

  1. Daddy’s Little Girl

  2. Amma’s Special Box

  3. A Madrasi’s Predicament

  4. Histories

  5. My First Kiss

  6. Negative Assumptions

  7. The Rat Race

  8. Mother’s Day

  9. The Man Who Called Everyone Shiva

  10. ​Winter’s Whisper

  11. Woman: A Fairy in Disguise

  12. The Elephant Ride



This anthology is contributed, edited, illustrated & photographed by various collaborators. Please check each contribution for credits.



This anthology is available in paperback & ebook.

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