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Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Thanking God for his help in pointing the way, poet Rohit Damaraju mentions how he learnt the true reason for his existence by following the divine path.

The poem “Delight” expresses a poet’s gratitude for the help received in his time of need. It also states how this path offered a purpose rather than being lost in the abyss of ignorance.

Cover Photo by Prabhath Narapareddy

Walking through the galore of life I found Happiness, thrill, and strife without bounds A lot of paths were there to trod It was only me and my God That instant, I thought Let all the feelings in me Be completely engrossed in there ​The reason as to why? I will tell you as I cry... The pearls of happiness which roll from these eyes Are because you pulled me into truth From the turbid waters of lies I was incomplete with cracks unseen The labyrinth of reasons was cruel and mean You completed the unsolved puzzle Helped me fight my war with the muzzle Now that I am unwavering Focused for the reason you had me preferred, I can see the world with a greater cause, A velvety heart and rippling grit that you gave me because, Let your touch prevail through my life Over the world let delight strive.



This contribution is photographed by Prabhath Narapareddy.



This poem is available in paperback & ebook.

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