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Dreamy Desires

Updated: May 22

It isn’t alien for individuals to possess desires and, most of all, sexual desires. Though many strive to fulfil them, they fail in their pursuit because they imagine something so glorious that reality always feels to fall short. No matter how much they push, the actuality is far from imagination.

“Dreamy Desires” by Virgo & Red is an anthology of erotica titled “Virgin’s Wish” & “Lusty’s Lips”, talking about self-acceptance, love, romance, lust & betrayal. The stories show individuals, at times, are so lost in their dreams that the need for withholding or practising healthy feelings, respect, values & ethics seem absolutely unnecessary.

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Exclusive Access

  1. Virgin’s Wish

  2. Orgy Feast



This anthology contains adult content and is strictly not recommended for minors.



All collaborators for this anthology are anonymous.



This anthology is available in paperback & ebook.

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