Eternal Bond: Chapter V

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Second Answer

It was a rainy day, and Aashritha had been home all day while Arjun attended his classes. Around six in the evening, it stopped raining, and Aashritha badly wanted to have a coffee in their favourite cafe alongside talking with someone for hours.

Even though Arjun and Aashritha have been roommates for close to a year now, they never got to talk with each other except for their little dates in the Bradley Cafe near their apartment.

So intending to begin a new tradition, Aashritha got dressed and just when she was about to leave, it started raining again. She didn’t care about the downpour and started walking. By the time she reached the cafe, she had gotten completely drenched.

Settling down, she called Arjun to inform him, “Do meet me at Bradley’s. Give me a text when you’re about to reach me, and I will order your favourite drink.”

She ordered a coffee and a cookie and sat down at a table. Taking out a paper towel, she wiped off the excess water from her face and her hands. The cosy chamber and her actions took her back in time when a similar situation happened when she was at home with her parents.

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