His Past & Her Future: Chapter VII

Updated: Sep 13

His Fear

17th May 2019

Sitting on our comfy sofa in the cosy common room, I stared at the grey clouds and the shrubs at our window.

Though the moment was exactly as I envisioned, I was more disturbed than contended. Ever since our discussion with my parents, I wasn’t myself. Now that I was done achieving what I had set out to do, I wanted to return home, but how could I? Should I go alone? Should we go together? Would Supriya agree to accompany me? Would my parents agree to let us stay in their place together? What if they insult and embarrass us at their doorstep? Should I continue with my life without meeting them? Can I live with myself if I marry Supriya without my parents’ blessings? How would my parents react knowing about Supriya’s family?

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