Karma Café: Scene I

Updated: Sep 7

[While light music is playing in the background, a lady in her early 60s is sitting on the counter talking on the phone, a girl about 20 years of age enters the stage.]


Have a nice day, keep smiling (Hanging down the receiver)... our friends at table number 5 are in a gloomy mood, attend the table quickly!

[Meanwhile, a waitress stops at a table where a few girls are sitting and turns to the counter.]


Ma’am! Someone wants to meet you. She’s sitting there.

[The waitress pointed towards a table, glancing at the girl]


Kindly tell her that I’m not interested in giving an interview.


I’ve already told that ma’am but she told me to inform you that she is the daughter of one of your old customers.

[Looking at her again, Ramya tries to remember if the girl seems familiar… giving up, she turns towards the waitress.]


Bring some coffee and tell her to come here. Make it extra strong!

[After being informed, the girl comes and sits at a table near the counter and Ramya gently sits there too.]


Thank you ma’am for your time.


Sorry for the inconvenience dear. Lately, I have stopped talking to people. Each and every person was demoralizing me.

[Waitress enters and places the coffee on the table and exits.]


Here... have it, you look a bit tired.

[Girl sips the drink]


Hmm. Do you really serve this to everyone? I was in need of this, how did you know?


Well, that’s Karma Café…


I am really eager to know your story madam. My father used to say, “If you wanna know what passion looks like visit Karma Café.”


Well who are you, child? Not a familiar face.


My name is Arshi Shah, I work for a food magazine. My father was one of your regular customers and he had recently passed away.


I am sorry for your loss.


He always used to talk about how you guys being business analysts and software engineers started this amazing place and it was his wish that I should visit and write an article about this cafe.


Such a kind man. I would certainly like to share our story. Not for you but for your father. I hope we could help in changing his mood a few times at least.






This contribution is co-written by V. K. Telkepalli, edited by R. K. Chamarla, & Tarun Chintam & photographed by ​Ravindra Patoju.



This drama is available in a paperback & ebook.

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