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Loving Intern

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Naina interns at Ratan Industries and falls in love during her training. However, before she expresses her feelings, she is soon separated from him due to the completion of the internship, but before long, she returns to meet him. Find out what is her destiny...



​Hello there,

Firstly, I want to thank you for preferring our book. I would like you to know that this book is exceptional as it is written by six writers and every chapter is framed as a short story. Collectively, we have written a story and every writer did their best to narrate to you the tale of a girl. Being the architect of this book, I tried to give you the finest work but if you find any faults, I hope you overlook them. Hope you appreciate our effort and make sure you give us feedback.

​- Nikhila Kotni

Cover Photo by Nikhila Kotni


Free Access

  1. Prologue

  2. Unexpected Start

  3. Love At First Sight?

  4. Intern’al Blush

Exclusive Access

  1. Adios!

  2. Now or Never

  3. The Trio

  4. A Heartbreaking Handshake

  5. The Tale of a Reckless Man

  6. Date With Karma

  7. The Promise

  8. Epilogue



Dear Diary,

All of us are destined to have a shoulder to lean on and when the proper occasion comes even the person who spent decades in loneliness would have someone caring for him within days. As fate and time are so alike that both of them are random and relentless, while the first one changes the individual, the second one changes the spirit.

But in my case what transformed me was my sweetheart. Life was so tedious until I met him as an intern. Not that he changed everything but he made me recognize things from a different perception like never before. He motivated me by giving me a target and provoked my determination to such a degree that I reached the pinnacle.

Do you want to know how he inspired me? Well, the answer is just by working in Ratan Industries. To tell you the tale completely, I must tell you a long story but before we get started, I want you to know that today is the most awaited day of my life. It is my first day at Ratan Industries not as an intern any longer but as an employee working in the Heat Exchange Department as an assistant engineer.

I am not just cheerful because my name will be printed in his place or I am not just pleased because I would be sharing a cabin with him. I am happy because I am finally getting to meet my Prince Charming after years.

“I love you!”



I: Unexpected Start

by Chethana Nagulapalli

A few years before

I packed my luggage and boarded a bus to travel to Konchi from Jamalpur. I booked a window seat and after settling down, I recalled my college trip with my friends. The bus conductor distributed water bottles as the bus started.

As the sun rose, I opened the window for fresh air and pulled out my earphones from my handbag. The fact is this is the first time I was travelling alone. The only thought that lingered on my mind was to start my internship as soon as possible as we were already two days late.

I never wanted to be an engineer but as fate always has its way, I had no other choice. I never wanted to do an internship but the curriculum has its way to get things done. As thoughts passed by, I felt the fresh air playing with my hair. The climate was pleasant and I fell asleep quickly.

I got up as the bus driver honked to clear the traffic. I looked out to see that we almost reached Konchi.

I got down at the bus stop and called Meera.

She picked up and said “Come to the parking lot.”

I looked around to find directions and started walking accordingly. When I reached the parking lot, I found her waving at me.

​Meera asked, “So did you enjoy the ride?”

I was exhausted and replied, “It was hell as I lacked company!”

She chuckled saying “Don’t blame me. Curse yourself, I asked you to come with me yesterday. You were the one who said you needed to spend at least one day with your family.”

I replied, “No idiot! My mother would kill me if I left as soon as holidays were declared.”

She chuckled and said, “Anyway, I asked my mother to cook chicken. It would be yummy and let’s hope for the best tomorrow.”

I sat back while she rode the scooty. She is just not a friend like all others but is more like a cousin and I share almost all my secrets with her. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

After twenty minutes, we reached her place. Her mother stood by the door waiting for us as it was already 9 pm.

As soon as I got down, aunty walked towards me saying, “So you are Naina? Finally, I get to see you after three years. Take your luggage and place them in Meera’s room. I will set dinner.”

As I walked in, I could see Shiva, Meera’s twin brother playing cricket on his playstation. I quickly freshened up and came down to have dinner.

Meera and I started eating and were talking about our internship. Aunty called Shiva to join us and he came after finishing his game. He sat down and looked at me for a moment and kept staring.

Later he introduced himself saying “Hi, I am Shiva. You must be Naina. My sister keeps on telling me about you almost every day when she is here.”

I replied, “Nice to meet you, Shiva. What are you doing?”

He stuffed a big chicken piece into his mouth and could not talk clearly. Meera answered sarcastically, “Currently he is completing his MBA and is very talented.”

He finally swallowed and attacked saying “Really? At least I know to be punctual unlike you attending your internship days after you were called.”