Loving Intern: Chapter III

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Intern’al Blush

All my way back home I was lost in thoughts. I kept asking myself “Is this because I haven’t had one guy who is as handsome as he is?”

Nothing seems to bother me, neither the barking Pomeranian nor the whistle of the pressure cooker. I took a shower and when I returned.

Meera asked, snapping her fingers twice “Sweetie, what is wrong with you?”

“Well! Nothing! Why do you ask?” I replied.

“Are you hypnotized?”

For some reason, I did not like her to intervene in my dreams, at least not yet.

“What’s the matter Meera?” I asked her absently.

“I never knew all these years that you would take a bath with your clothes on,” she retorted.

It might sound pretty strange but that is what I just did. I was day-dreaming and was so immersed that I didn’t even care to observe.

Another question that I kept asking myself since I saw him was what this feeling is. “Is it love? Or is it infatuation? To the least, is it an attraction?”

We went down after a few hours to have our supper and when we came back I took my diary and headed to the balcony and sat in the rocking chair enjoying the night lightened by moonlight.

I took a huge breath, awakening my senses. I opened my diary and read the first page

“For the two souls shall be one under the graces of the eternal moon while the waves cleanse our thoughts and the air thickens our affection. For two shall be one ever after and they shall always be united.”

I loved poetry and wrote diary whenever I felt intense feelings pouring out of my mind as I strongly believe thoughts are what define us. I opened a new page and wrote with my black ink pen as always

“Love has never been as dominant on me as it has been today and thoughts have never been so confusing. I know I am dumb and I know no one could be more foolish than I am as I really don’t know the difference between infatuation and attraction nor do I know if they are both the same. But I know one thing, from this moment, He is mine. No matter what, He is mine and nothing would please me more than me being His.”

I stopped for a moment and wondered if he would accept me. Fear overcame me as I thought if I would be heartbroken and days would turn so bad that I would embrace the darkness. I prayed that there should not be such a day.

​I let the clock tick away for the next 6 hours as I dozed off in the rocking chair.

I woke up to the gentle red rays with mild heat in the early hours of the day. I immediately called Neel.

He attended the call asking drowsily “Hello… What’s the matter, Naina?”

“The Sun is radiant and looks like he is just waiting for your click. Wake up and capture him before he goes wild.” I exclaimed.

“Dolly (his girlfriend) just called me and told the same thing to Naina… So I took some snaps and just fell asleep… Please do not disturb” saying that he cut the call.

I thought “Dolly would not let him lay down even for a moment.”

After some time I woke Meera at 7:30am. I got dressed in a white kurta with a peacock blue edged border compensating it with a peacock blue dupatta. I added my own touch of beauty to my face with kajal to my blue eyes and wore bangles and a nice gold jhumkas.

We started a fresh day and all four of us went to the Shell Department as we had to meet Mr Pratap. As I walked in I was awestruck.

How could the day be any better? As I saw my Prince Charming speaking with Mr. Pratap and my eyes moved all around but came back to the same point again and again.

“Firstly welcome to Ratan Industries. I am Pratap Malhotra and let’s tour around the Shells Department which is one of the many vital departments” said Mr. Pratap after he was done speaking to him.

‘Sir, what are the tasks done in this department?” Neel asked as we walked.

It was a huge workshop area under one roof. Most of the people were in orange dresses with fluorescent strips while some of them were in formals with either white or blue caps. I think colour represents their ranking.

I felt every mechanical engineer must visit this place as nothing is more motivating than getting to know what we study in implementation.

“This is huge,” said Alokya in awe.

“Oh yes. Everyone in my village can be accommodated here. If I am right, there would be a lot of space left” said Neel, glancing at the infrastructure.

“This is the complete Production Department to be more precise and it is the heart of the industry and the end products are manufactured here” stated Mr. Pratap as we walked.

Alarms signalled the timings while most workers drained their energy continuously working. Mr. Pratap explained so fabulously that time passed off without notice.

Neel and I headed to the canteen to have meals in the lush green pathway while Alokya and Meera stayed back in the department to have their breakfast as they hated the canteen food the first day.

As he ate, Neel could see me immersed in thoughts “You look disturbed?” he asked.

“Disturbed? Hell no! Why would I be disturbed?” I defended myself.

“Well, your answer tells me that you are. Let me know if I can help you,” he assured.

I just nodded my head. I noticed this weird guy who was a thin and fair guy with a shaved head, staring at me just like yesterday. I continued my lunch without bothering him.

We spent next few hours talking to Mr. Pratap about the department and took a tour observing standing beside the employees.

We reached home by 5 o’clock in the evening. I loved Meera’s family pretty well as everything went on time, unlike mine. We had supper and Meera left with her mother for some groceries. I sat in the rocking chair again going through my WhatsApp chats and Facebook news feed. I thought of writing my diary but fell asleep.

Day 3: ​Dear Diary, Everywhere I go the first thing I do is search for him. But my Prince Charming is nowhere to be found. Still had fun!
Day 4: ​Dear Diary, Interacted with Mr. Pankaj in the Press Shop and his communication skills were terrible. There wasn’t a moment we did not enjoy when he spoke in order to explain the machines in the shop. Finally, still could not find him.
Day 6: ​Dear Diary, Our tour in the Production Department which Mr. Pratap wanted us to visit is almost coming to an end and I am still not able to see Mr. Handsome. I am starting to wonder if he is really an employee as the more departments we visit he is nowhere to be found.
Day 9: Dear Diary, I have never been stalked in my life. This weird guy (weirdo) is basically stalking me every day during lunch. Nothing ever bothered me except him. I wish this internship comes to an end as neither my heart nor my thoughts are peaceful. I will be meeting Mr. Pratap tomorrow asking him about our plan ahead.

“Sir, can I come in?” I asked knocking the door.

“Yes. Naina! Come in. You look excited today? I like it. So tell me how your tour in the Production House is going?” Mr. Pratap asked.

“We’ve almost finished visiting all the departments’ sir. So what do we do next sir?”

He curiously asked, “Did you guys go to the Heat Exchangers Department?”

I said, “We didn’t sir.”

“Well, visit it tomorrow and meet me later.”

He got back to his work as I walked out and told others what he told me. We went home early and I watched Frozen that afternoon.

Next day we all directly went to the Heat Exchangers Department and boom there he is, my prince. I was as ugly as possible and cursed myself for not getting ready properly as I almost gave up on meeting him again.

He was wearing a light blue shirt over with black pants. He enhanced this attire with nicely trimmed facial hair along his strong jaw line. He wore a fat metal wrist watch that was barely visible and his face held a charming smile.

He explained to us everything and not a word went into my head. I kept watching him and time faded like never before. His silky hair and sweet voice held my heart and I was now his captive bound by love. That afternoon Neel and I went to lunch as usual.

Weirdo again stared at me and this time after we started eating he walked to me and sat beside my chair. Without a word of introduction or anything else this thin pale guy softly said “Naina, I love you.”

Neel froze for a moment as that was the worst of all proposals he ever heard. I immediately shouted “No!”

He right away foolishly asked, “Why?”

I did not know why I had to answer him but I held Neel’s hand and said “He is my boyfriend. Brace yourself as he is about to punch you so hard that you are never ever again going to take a step forward to propose or at least follow girls for days, intimidating them like hell!”

As I finished, Neel played along by hitting him so hard in the face that he crashed on the table.





This contribution is created by Nikhila Kotni & R. S. Chintalapati, edited by R. K. Chamarla & Sameer Ayyagari & photographed by Nikhila Kotni.

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