Loving Intern: Chapter IV

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That afternoon we spent reading reports as sir was busy guiding workers. I told Meera how Neel hit the weirdo and as usual Alokya did not pay much attention. When we reached home, I sat in my rocking chair and started writing as my thoughts were overflowing. I took a fresh new page and wrote

Dear Diary, Why am I secretly biting my lower lip when I think about him? Why is that I am immersed in ecstasy when he is around? Why is it that I imagine him to be my prince? Why do I feel his blue eyes as my paradise? Well, the only thought I get when I close my eyes is both of us running on the shore while the sun’s races to rejuvenate us and I embrace him after I get tired. He is the one I never expected to have as my partner but life never seemed more simple and beautiful. Prince Charming, I love you!

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