Lucifer: Part I

Updated: Sep 13

The Truth

Just like every morning, my alarm rang and I wanted to wake up to switch it off but I couldn’t. Fortunately, a few seconds later, it stopped on its own. At 7:15, I woke up after a long sleep but was still laying on my bed.

Meanwhile, my mom entered my room to say, “Wake up kiddo! You are going to be late for college.”

Forcing myself, I got out of my bed and freshened up before walking into my living room to find my breakfast already served. Around 8 am, I reached my bus stop and found a few friends waiting for the bus. A few minutes later, I got into the bus following them and sat in my spot.

All my friends were enjoying themselves as usual without me. By 9 am, I reached my college and sat in my place beside Rohan, my best friend. From the moment I sat until the classes got completed, Rohan who just sat beside me didn’t even greet, talk or even respond.

By 3 pm, our classes were over and I returned home. This routine continued for two days. Even though everything seemed alright, I could observe some changes in these two days which I have never experienced before in my life before.

I could see that no one around me was responding. My mom was the only one who used to say every morning, “Wake up kiddo! You are going to be late for college.”

My dad on the other hand reads a document all day and my younger brother stood before our home every evening and cried for a few minutes. After that, he went to my uncle’s house which was just beside ours and all of these actions totally confused me. I could not understand why my family members were behaving differently.

The next day, when I woke up, I observed that the date card was on 14th February 2015. Since the present date was 17th February, I tried changing it but I was unable to. When I wanted to tell my mother, I couldn’t find her. Neither her nor my father was present at home. I thought of going to Rohan’s house to talk to him.

I reached his home within ten minutes as it was just in the next lane and as I walked, I could see him speaking to our classmates. Though I shouted to greet him, they didn’t respond as usual but when I walked near him, I could hear him saying, “It was unfortunate but three days ago while Vimal was travelling to a hill station, he died in an accident. Except for his brother who is currently in his uncle’s care, everyone has been killed.”

It took me a while to realize that I was no longer alive. I was now a part of the void yet filled with desire.





This contribution is edited by R. K. Chamarla, & Tarun Chintam & illustrated by ​Shailusha Anugu.



This short story is available in paperback & ebook.

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