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King Orkin, the seventh descendant of the Rian kingdom divided his kingdom into two kingdoms three decades ago on the request of his daughter Gloria to give her husband a share. Dividing the Rian into two provinces formed the northern kingdom called the Glorian and the southern kingdom called the Lorian.

While Queen Gloria ruled along with her husband the Glorian Kingdom, Prince Lorian who is the only son of King Orkin took his father’s crown to rule the Lorian Kingdom. Though Lorian did not agree to the partitioning of the Rian Kingdom, his words weren’t taken into account.

So when Prince Lorian became a king, he vowed to unite the kingdoms and restore the Rian Kingdom to its glory. So for decades, both the kingdoms fought and the Northern kingdom always won because in between the Northern and the Southern kingdoms, there were mountains called Crossover which had the Northern military bases. So when the Southerners attacked, the Northern soldiers killed half of them with arrows before even facing them in person.

This play begins with the death of King Lorian in the Lorian Province.



  1. Anthony: King of Lorian Kingdom

  2. Patrick: King of Glorian Kingdom

  3. Kingston: General of Lorian Kingdom

  4. Lancelot: General of Glorian Kingdom

  5. Rose: Princess of Glorian Kingdom

  6. Arian: Poet

  7. Prim: Messenger of Lorian Kingdom

  8. Lily: Maid to Princess Rose





This contribution is edited by Tarun Chintam & illustrated by Sravani Dhuliapala.



This drama is available in a paperback & ebook.

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