Ploy: Scene I

Updated: Sep 13

This scene takes place in the private chambers of Prince Anthony at Lorian’s Province.

[Enter Kingston]


How are you, my prince? It has been a dreadful day for everyone in the Lorian kingdom as we lost our beloved King whom we all adored. His highness’s judgment was unparalleled and his wisdom was unquestionable... However, even great men must someday bow to the two ultimate masters’ namely time and fate. Your father, my prince, has shown this world what a good king could ever be and hadn’t he been so strong mentally, chaos would have taken. If not for him, your grandfather’s mistakes would have cost a lot more than land. I must regretfully mention that your grandfather as you know wasn’t as honourable as our king was.


My father was wise and strong. Even though I share the same opinion, what was he doing when my grandfather divided the Rian Kingdom into two? For decades, he fought against his sister and lost thousands of men but never stood up as a victor. To date, General Kingston, Rian Kingdom is still divided. Believe me, I have never thought of uniting the Rian Kingdom until my father in his last moments whispered on his dying bed that he wishes me to win over the Glorians and unite everything forever.


Even great men fail in achieving everything and our King could never win against the Glorians though he tried every time. They believe that the hills of Crossover are protecting them and that their banners fight for justice but they are fighting for your traitor uncle who wished the Rian Kingdom to be divided. Lost in love for his daughter, your grandfather gave the North and it’s banners to your aunt Gloria. I still remember it as if it just happened yesterday. Everyone in the council opposed your grandfather but the order still prevailed. I was one of the generals who fought beside our King and every time we attacked them, they rain fired arrows upon us. Before our men even started the attack, thousands would already be injured and hundreds would lay dead. Tell me, Prince Anthony, how would you fight in order to achieve victory?


General Kingston, even though my father lost every battle, he still managed to destroy a few forces. According to the recent report by our spies, my beloved uncle King Patrick has only a few warriors left and the only thing I need to do is make the sheep welcome a fox for their supper. I have a plan that can unite Rian and fulfil my claim as the king, thereby fulfilling my father’s dream.

[Kingston looked puzzled]


Send a messenger to King Patrick to inform him that I wish to marry his daughter Rose and failing to comply with my order, he shall have to face me. Let him also know that we are aware of the fact that his army is nothing compared to ours and even if we lose ten soldiers to one of his, the rest shall slaughter every last one of them.

[Kingston smiled]





This contribution is edited by Tarun Chintam & illustrated by Sravani Dhuliapala.



This drama is available in a paperback & ebook.

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