Ploy: Scene II

Updated: Sep 13

This scene takes place beside Lake Reiniger in the Glorian Province. Resting underneath a tree on the banks of the river is Arian. [Enter Rose] Arian: The jewel of my heart! How long has it been since I embraced you and felt your warmth? There wasn’t a day my thoughts could stay without you and as moments pass by without your presence, my verses are going wilder as they embrace darkness unable to find rays of love kindled by your affection. My throne is your lap while I rest on it fondled by your black silky hair and my castle is your heart where my soul lives forever.

[Rose and Arian embrace] Rose: Nothing in this world is more beautiful than your words and hold not for another moment for I am yours to fill my thoughts with your elixir. This very moment, I would love to cherish your verses as I have spent enough time in my garden asking the birds about you. To my comfort, they have always mentioned that you craved for me maybe because they know our love is eternal but I could not ride to meet you until our General Lancelot was back from the hills. Though by rank he is a general, he is like a father to me and he knows everything about our love. He gladly accepted my choice and exclaimed nothing is purer than an honest girl’s desire. Arian: That is so noble of him. Wise men always recognize true emotions and for his kind heart from this very moment he is also a father to me. Before anything else my dove, tell me as to when you will tell your father about our love? Would he even care to accept a poet, a man who enjoys nothing but beauty around him, singing ballads and writing verses? Wouldn’t he expect his son-in-law to be a ferocious warrior who could lead his army while having an inordinate amount of wealth that could bury this world in gold? Rose: Darling, who said you are not a warrior? Show me a learnt man who would dare say a sword is more powerful than a quill? I trust that my father is one wise man who would gladly accept my choice. Considering the times, he needs a man with intellect, not ferocity, as strategy and tactics together dictate victory. You, my love, are equal to ten ferocious warriors and every Glorian would rejoice when you would be crowned. I can no longer stay away from you and I shall let my father know about you. Let us just hope that the Gods are in favour of our pursuit. [Arian and Rose spent the next few moments sitting beside the river’s bank under the tree]





This contribution is edited by Tarun Chintam & illustrated by Sravani Dhuliapala.



This drama is available in a paperback & ebook.

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