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Sahis’ Chronicles: Anecdotes

Updated: Mar 6

In a royal family, various traditions, customs, judgements and values are upheld, and unless one cautiously observes or narrates, their reasoning, the actions taken or the thought process behind the measures do not seem justified.

“Sahis’ Chronicles: Anecdotes” by Vaidurya Pratap Sahi narrates a few anecdotes from Tamkuhi Raj, a province in northern India. The stories are often about the royal staff, cooks, pets and commoners, alongside the accounts of the rulers, queens and their children.

Illustrated by Vaidurya Pratap Sahi


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  1. 1920’s Clash of Egos Horse & Car Track A Herd of Cows Wood for Qazi sahib Punishing the Pelters Releasing on 27th February 2023

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  1. 1930’s Releasing on 12th March 2023 Releasing on 27th March 2023 Releasing on 12th April 2023 Releasing on 27th April 2023 Releasing on 12th May 2023

  2. 1940’s Releasing on 27th June 2023 Releasing on 12th July 2023 Releasing on 27th July 2023 Releasing on 12th August 2023 Releasing on 27th August 2023



This contribution is reviewed by R. S. Chintalapati, edited by Sreekar Ayyagari & Sreeram Rajana