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Illustrated by Nisha Yadav

After a long battle, King Krishna Swami realized his forces were losing. Hit with an arrow on his shoulder, King Krishna retreated into the forest located nearby while being followed by his foes.

By sunset, King Krishna lost a lot of blood and fell unconscious near a large lake in the forest. His enemies couldn’t spot him and left declaring themselves victorious.

That night, having no more water in his hut, a commoner reached the lake with his pot. He found a soldier lying unconscious and so picked him up to take him to his hut. Washing his wounds and covering them with some herbs, the commoner wanted to help the soldier reach his kingdom after he became conscious.

However, the next morning, the commoner noticed many enemies all around. It was when he got to know that this was the King he saved. So the commoner did his best to help the King recover and after a couple of days, the foes left permanently failing in their pursuit.

As soon as they left, the recovering King didn’t even thank the commoner but just wore the armour, picked up his sword and left. Though the commoner didn’t expect anything in return, he didn’t believe the King was strong enough to travel.

A few days when the commoner went to fill his pot again, while he was lost in his thoughts, he faced a lion. Observing the gorgeous beast, the commoner concluded that these were his last few moments and started praying to God.

The lion paced towards him and the commoner shut his eyes while continuing to pray. In this meantime, an arrow hit the lion to its death. When the commoner opened his eyes, he could see the King whom he had helped.

Approaching the commoner, the King offered him a home and employment in return for his service. This was only because the commoner has neither boasted about his help nor has he expected anything in exchange for it.



This contribution is edited by Sreekar Ayyagari & illustrated by Nisha Yadav.



This flash fiction is also available as paperback & ebook.

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