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Cover Photo by Krishna Guttikonda

Let me tell you something Can’t say if this is a confession Don’t believe in heaven or hell either All I wanted is my happiness And to live as long as I can “Who doesn’t?”, Echoes a voice If there is someone to blame Then it’s this voice inside my head Deviously inciting and tricking me I have to admit I am selfish Putting me above everything else But isn’t everyone the same? Rings my inner voice with wisdom I nurture my ego every day And deny it at the same time What’s my identity without my ego? Nods my inner voice in agreement My ambitions border on greed In craving for money and success What’s bad in the desire for a better life? Demands my inner voice in anger I envy all those undeserving people And curse my rotten luck for it Of course, life has not been fair to me Rues my inner voice in resentment My anger often boils over as rage And hurt the people around me But I deserve to vent out my emotions Comforts my inner voice in solidarity I get dishonest in some situations To wriggle my way out of problems What’s wrong with some harmless lies? Asserts my inner voice in conviction I know what you are thinking Come on now, don’t start judging me It’s not like I committed a grave crime, Haven’t robbed a bank or killed people Don’t deserve any trial for my actions. It is just me, my desires and my flaws I am imperfect and I love the way I am Let’s pretend I never told you anything And we will start all over again!



This contribution won the second-runner up in the Poet’s Carnival 2021.



This contribution is photographed by Krishna Guttikonda.



This poem is also available in paperback & ebook.

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