Sky & Sea: Part II

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Ocean’s Twirl

Long back when King Hast was just a prince; his province was ruled by King Luther. Luther was a master administrator and an intellectual king. All his years, he spent learning from the “Scholars of Nature” to make the Sky Dynasty the most prominent of all creations. At last, he got to know that the only way to protect his subjects was by constructing “The Charred Gates” for which he summoned the “Teleports from the Ethereal World.” He ordered them to build the gates and offered them freedom from the Sky Dynasty once and for all and even promised to waiver the tribute they paid for the worlds they occupied.

On the other hand, the merpeople feared that the Sky Dynasty would become invincible if the Charred Gates were built. So, all the three kings of Sea formed an alliance, the “Scar of Octopus” and shot up the “Arrow of Driger” which was the only non-godly warhead that could reach the sky. With the arrow, the gates were wholly destroyed. But King Luther never gave up. He ordered the Teleports to build it again but while the construction was in progress, he passed away. After him, Prince Hast took his place and not knowing his predecessor’s intentions, he proposed shutting down the project so as not to waste any more gold. The council of Sky Castle also voted that the Teleports not be given any freedom and asked King Hast to stop the construction immediately. Being young and inexperienced, King Hast called off the undertaking accepting the advice of the council.

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