Spiteful Spirit

Updated: Sep 13

Vishwanadh disagreed with his father and passed over a good government job to pursue his passion. This made him successful and famous but deprived him of everything that a human connection offered. He watched his son grow up and was unsure what to do about him. When a dark desire takes root in his heart, he finds himself in a dilemma.

“Spiteful Spirit” by Harsha Modukuri explores the story of an insecure, unhappy, faithless & sad man who would stoop so low for his validation that he would seclude any deserving person from their reward even if it is his blood.


Vishwanadh was forty-two years old. He had a wife, a teenage kid, and enough money to live well. He was a lonely guy with few acquaintances, and his wife was as strange to him as his next-door neighbour. When he returned from coaching camp last month, he took his family to a beautiful restaurant, spoke precisely three sentences to his wife, nodded three times to his kid, and then they both started chatting. He didn’t feel alienated or alone since, according to him, this is how all family outings operate. He activated his Bluetooth and began listening to the match broadcast.

Vishwanadh thought he was correct, and his way of life shaped him into the man he is today. Unfortunately, there was no question that the guy had no social life, no one to confide in, and that his marriage was more of a necessity than something one would do when they loved so much. He used to retreat at the first sign of affection from anyone, including his parents, and he assumed that this was how everyone lived.

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