Strange Lives: Scene I

Updated: Sep 13

Educated Fool?

[This scene takes place in Mind’s Quill office located on the top floor of Rohan’s home. On a sunny morning, Rohan and Neelkanth sat facing each other reading the drafts submitted to their publishing house.] Rohan: Stories are just like living beings Neelkanth. Just like we possess a soul within us, they should too. Honestly, how many of our recent releases do have a soul? Neelkanth: Oh! Now you are concerned about having a soul all of a sudden? What happened to “Our writers are getting sold and we are earning money!” Wasn’t that our only concern? Rohan: Yes… I said that but almost all our books are filled with dark acts that instill nothing but negativity into our reader’s mind. What pains me the most is that we feed ourselves with the money earned by selling such disgraceful pages. [Before Neelkanth responded, Madhuri, Bhadra, and Maina entered the office.] Bhadra: Maina, I would like you to meet my younger brother Rohan and he is Neelkanth, my brother’s partner in crime. While my brother owns this publishing house, both of them manage it. Madhuri: Bhadra almost forgot, Rohan writes too. However, they are not the page-turners we hope them to be. Maina: Nice to meet both of you. [While Neelkanth shook hands, Rohan stood looking at his elder brother Bhadra seriously. After a moment of silence.] Maina: Is something wrong, Rohan? [Rohan continued staring at Bhadra and wishing to give her brothers some privacy, Madhuri intervened.] Madhuri: Maina, let me show you my home. Let’s also unwrap the gifts Mahesh gifted me this Valentine’s day. [Maina looked at Rohan and Neelkanth for one last time before leaving. Neelkanth closed the door as they walked out.] Rohan: After everything we have discussed, you can’t do this! You will destroy our reputation in our community if you welcome her into our family! Bhadra: You should have told me that our mother is visiting our aunt today! Rohan: Yes, we got lucky. Brother, sometimes I think you are forgetting that she is not a member of our caste! You cannot welcome her into our family. You are the elder child. Shouldn’t you be a bit more responsible? Bhadra: One more word Rohan and you would regret saying so in the first place... I know you oppose Maina being welcomed to our family. However, I have made up my mind to lead a life with her. I wish not to pretend to lead a happy life without her. As far as I know, the caste I am born in and the religion I follow have nothing to do with the woman I am marrying. Please don’t be an educated fool! [Bhadra walked out as soon as he finished.] Neelkanth: I agree with Bhadra. You are being foolish, Rohan. To put it bluntly, you are like a slave bound to the mortal constraints that we humans enforced on ourselves. Don’t you believe that we should be united rather than confining ourselves to nationalities, castes, and color? Rohan: My brother would realize who the educated fool is in a few years. What must be understood is, the mortal constraints are no easy barriers to overcome, my friend.





This contribution is edited by Edlyn Dsouza & photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This drama is available in a paperback & ebook.

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