Strange Lives: Scene II

Updated: Sep 13

Double Standards?

[This scene takes place in the common room of the girls’ apartment. Chandini, Pratyusha sat on the sofa watching television while Maina just returned back from Bhadra’s home and Nivedita sat on the floor leaning on the sofa cutting vegetables as it was her turn to cook.] Nivedita: I wish Madhuri stayed back after dropping you Maina. Why do her parents insist that their children be back home before 9 pm? Chandini: Maybe they want to have dinner together. Don’t you think it is the only hour in the entire day when all the family members meet? Personally, I never knew the value of family dinners until I started working in a different city. Pratyusha: [While chatting on her phone] I agree. Madhuri is lucky to have her family located in the same city where she works. Maina: Yes. Madhuri is lucky to have her family in the same city where she is working. Nivedita: [Nodding in agreement] Maina, how was your visit? Maina: I couldn’t meet Bhadra’s mother but I did get to meet Bhadra’s younger brother Rohan. Before you visit his office Nivedita, you must know that he looks like a clown, especially with his red nose. Along with him was Neelkanth. Rohan’s partner in crime it seems. Quite a charming fellow with a perfect dressing style. A rare quality for a bachelor. Pratyusha: [Throwing her phone on the sofa beside her in frustration] This Pallav never gets it! I told him many times that I am not interested in a relationship with him but he never stops asking. To get rid of him, I blocked his number. He still keeps messaging through other numbers. So I had to tell him about Mukund. Even after that, he says, he can’t give up on me. I think he is crazy! He says he is the most romantic of all guys. My God! Who says that? Nivedita: As long as it is Pallav, you can never make him understand. I don’t know why, but he believes that you and Mukund can’t work it out. Chandini: As much as I hate to admit, I have to agree with Pallav. Mostly because I believe that we only have one soulmate in our lifetime. Pratyusha: Not this soulmate thing again… Chandini: Come on Pratyusha, you should be happy that Pallav still loves you. I don’t think many boys continue loving a girl after being rejected. Just look around you, we live in such times where relationships are like contracts. Unfortunately, love is not even a clause in them. Maina: In a more detailed way about soulmates please. Chandini: I believe that all of us are destined to have a soulmate in our life. However, our dear Pratyusha does not agree to it. Maybe because it is not applicable in her case. Nivedita: Why is it not applicable in her case? Isn’t Mukund supposed to be her soulmate? Chandini: I think Pratyusha considers him to be so. However, Mukund is in love with two girls. So I don’t think he has chosen his soulmate yet. Perhaps he doesn’t want to welcome trouble. [Maina’s face turned pale. She did not believe what she just heard and was lost in her thoughts.] Nivedita: [Furiously] You can’t tell us that this is true? [Pratyusha stayed silent.] Nivedita: But why? Don’t you think he is fooling you? Or that you are fooling yourself? Come on, at least after Mukund told you that he has feelings for another girl, you should have left him. Pratyusha: Oh! Now even you are talking about relationships Nivedita? Remember Keshav? Maybe he deserves a response after all this time. [Nivedita grinned her teeth.] Maina: Come on Pratyusha! Loving a boy who loves two girls at once is foolishness. You need not be a genius to know that. If I am being honest, you would either shatter another relationship or would be sunk in sorrow. Chandini: Exactly! Why don’t you just love the guy who loves you? Pratyusha: None of you guys know the pain of letting a lover go! You talk so much about a soulmate Chandini, but what if your soulmate loved another girl? Would you let him go? And Maina, if your cute Bhadra loved another girl, can you just wipe your memory to forget him? All of us are the same! We are all selfish but we preach when it isn’t our fault. I am not fooling myself and if any of you were in my position, you would have acted exactly the same! [After a few moments.] Pratyusha: I am sorry guys but for me, this is personal and I understand that you were trying to knock some sense into me but... it would take time… And Chandini, if you like Pallav so much, why don’t you start a relationship with him? Chandini: Pallav and Me? My God! He is younger than me. He is like my little brother!





This contribution is edited by Edlyn Dsouza & photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



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