Strange Lives: Scene III

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Hopeful Beings?

[This scene takes place in Keshav’s bedroom in the evening after Keshav returned from work. The neatly organised bedroom with nothing more than a shelf, table and bed had fresh air gushing through the open window.]


Brother, I need your help... I’m so stuck in my life that nothing seems interesting. My one-sided relationship is so disheartening.


Let me guess, so Pratyusha is still with Mukund and she is not giving up.


No, she is not.


My sweet little brother, you must learn one important lesson today and that is, two people love each other only when they are happy together and can envision a prosperous future.


But shouldn’t she give me a chance…


Why should she? Her relationship with Mukund seems to offer her more joyful moments than sad ones. So, she invested hope and trust. The two pillars on which every relationship stands. Happiness leads to hope and that in-turn is the inception for trust and over time, this trust in their partner would make every moment of their relationship blissful!

[Pallav was surprised that it was all so simple when his brother said it.]


Here is the tricky part. In our world filled with millions of minds in it, a few of us hope to have a relationship with the wrong person and this, unfortunately, would never work for them. It’s unfortunate that you and Pratyusha are both hoping for a relationship from the wrong person.


Why do you say that?


If Pratyusha realizes that her relationship won’t work, she would be devastated. Which means, she would in no way even think of starting a relationship again feeling betrayed. Especially with you after you stalked her unendingly.


I stalk because she needs to know the truth. But for some reason, she never understands that he is just using her when it is just plain and simple! Why can’t she for once pay attention and realize what is happening! Am I asking too much? Or is she being foolish?


She isn’t being foolish. She sees a happy future with Mukund. Plain and simple!


Alright. Then please tell me if you are also hoping for Nivedita in the same way as Pratyusha is hoping for Mukund?

[With a smirk, Keshav stayed silent.]





This contribution is edited by Edlyn Dsouza & photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This drama is available in a paperback & ebook.

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