Strange Lives: Scene IV

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Instance Love?

[This scene takes place in Mind’s Quill’s office. A few hours before the working hours for the day ended. Rohan and Neelkanth heard a knock. While turning to check who it was, Neelkanth saw Nivedita. Walking to the door to welcome her.] Neelkanth: Hello Nivedita, my name is Neelkanth. Nice to meet you in person. Nivedita: Hello Neelkanth. Nice to meet you in person too. Neelkanth: I was looking forward to meeting you in order to welcome you to our community after reading your manuscript. Though it needs a few corrections, I can admit that you are good with your words. Please take a seat and this is my brother and your publisher, Rohan. Nivedita: Hello Rohan. I am glad that you guys liked my novel. Most publishers have lost their taste for tragedies. Rohan: If I am being honest, I like tragedies. Mostly because they reflect how the world works. Nivedita: Exactly. As a matter of fact, being a reader is tough nowadays. Out of the numerous characters in a plot, one character is chosen to be the hero just because the writer wishes so. The worst part is that this character possesses no admirable qualities and the heroine is just a supporting character in most of the stories. Neelkanth: No wonder you wrote such a serious story. Nivedita: To give you guys an example, I have recently read a book titled “Nude’d” after it was suggested to me by three of my close friends. Honestly, every word in it is shit! My friends told me that they enjoyed the lead female getting drunk, partying late night, dating random boys for sex and what not! Given a chance, I would punch the publisher for publishing such a piece of garbage! [While Neelkanth smiled, Rohan smirked looking at him. A moment later.] Rohan: Then, you can just punch me. I am the idiot who published it through one of my partnering publishing houses. Nivedita: Oh! I’m so sorry. Neelkanth: So are you against women going beyond the rules? Nivedita: No... I’m against irresponsibility just because it’s entertaining. Rohan: No. Forgive me; I regret publishing it more than you do but sometimes we don’t have a choice. Honestly, a publisher can only risk publishing an artistic work after ten entertaining books are published. Neelkanth: If not, the publisher wouldn’t earn his investments back. Rohan: Anyway, I found your book quite captivating and I find your views impressive. Business aside, would you like to have a cup of coffee with me sometime? [Neelkanth was surprised on hearing Rohan’s request.] Nivedita: I wouldn’t mind at all. Shall we meet at 6 pm? Rohan: Perfect. Let’s meet at the Casting Cafe then. [Nivedita stood up and left hoping to complete the business talk in a few hours.] Neelkanth: What the frock! Did you just ask your author to have a cup of coffee with you? Rohan: Yes. Look at her Neelkanth, she looks beautiful and let alone her beauty, her way of writing words and her argument about the various aspects in life is impressive. What more could I seek from a girl before asking her to join me for a cup of coffee? Neelkanth: A friend of mine once told me, “Even the most idiotic work in writing would have an essence imbued in it. All that it takes is to see it from the perspective the writer intended.” and that idiot is just staring at me now. When your ideas align, everything she writes works. [After a moment of silence.] Neelkanth: Rohan, please do not make the same mistake as Bhadra. The Gods’ aren’t cruel but they wouldn’t hesitate to test every one of us. They wish to see if we would really live up to what we deeply believe in our life. Rohan: And the Gods’ would be amazed to see me answer them!





This contribution is edited by Edlyn Dsouza & photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This drama is available in a paperback & ebook.

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