Strange Lives: Scene V

Updated: Sep 13

The False Hero?

[This scene takes place in Mahesh’s apartment. While the sun is bidding goodbye, Madhuri sat on the bed caressing Mahesh’s hair as he lay in her lap.]


You seem to be lost in your thoughts. What are you wondering about?

[After a few moments of silence.]


Madhu, don’t worry about our future. I have a job and will take good care of you. By the grace of the Gods, we belong to the same caste, so I see no reason for being rejected by your mother.

[As the silence continued.]


If it is the age gap of eight years between us that you are wondering about...


I’m not worried about us Mahi. I’m worried about my elder brother and Maina. It is unfortunate that Rohan failed to convince Bhadra to let go of his relationship with Maina at-least for our family.


For the family? What good is family if your brother’s life is a living hell?


Family is everything, Mahi! I cannot see my brothers argue anymore and my mother isn’t the woman she once was. Not since we lost our father. My elder brother thinks he could marry Maina making her a part of our family while my mother wouldn’t even allow Maina to set foot in our home.


Don’t worry, Madhu. Mothers wouldn’t let go of their children, especially their sons. It is because most mothers believe that their sons are their most prized possessions. Trust me, your mother would welcome Maina wholeheartedly as a member of your family. On the other hand, Maina is a good girl and she is beautiful. What more could your mother ask for? She might not be of our caste but she is from a royal background after all!


You don’t understand Mahi! Maina isn’t nearly perfect and I don’t blame her. Not many girls of her age are perfect, personally, do you think I’m perfect? But there is one specific problem with Maina. She is short-tempered and I can’t even dare to imagine the argument between her and my mother that would inevitably happen. Neither Bhadra nor I can pick a side then.


Say whatever you want to about Bhadra but I like him. Your brother has got the courage to stand up for the person he loves. I think Rohan lacks that, thanks to your mother. He is as stubborn as she is and I’m afraid he might suffer a lot in the future!


And that is why I say you are crazy. You praise the family idiot while forgetting to even acknowledge the likely hero!





This contribution is edited by Edlyn Dsouza & photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This drama is available in a paperback & ebook.

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