Strange Lives: Scene VI

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A Lover's Price?

[This scene takes place at the Casting cafe where Mukund and Pratyusha usually met. Since it is Wednesday at 3 PM, there weren’t many customers in the cafe.] Mukund: I’m still surprised that you called me. What is the matter? Were you missing me? [Observing Pratyusha hesitate.] Mukund: Please answer before I start imagining things that never happen. Pratyusha: [Hesitantly] Mukund, I asked you to meet me to talk about our future. Can you tell me when you are planning to tell your parents about me? Mukund: [Surprised] Pratyusha, you talk like you want to get married tomorrow! We are just twenty-five! Believe me, only fools plan their future while the intellectuals rejoice in the present. So don’t ask me these stupid questions. Our future? Puff! If it makes you feel any better, I have never thought about my future. Pratyusha: I’m confused. Please help me. If you love me, why not plan our future? Mukund: Because it is not easy… Pratyusha: Why? Because of Rithika? [Mukund stayed silent.] Pratyusha: Tell me, Mukund. If you were to choose between me and Rithika, whom would you choose in order to lead your life? I plead with you to tell me the truth. Mukund: What has happened to you all of a sudden? Haven’t I always told you that I love you more than her? Why don’t you just listen to me? We had great times in the past... Pratyusha: Give me an answer! If you were to choose, whom would it be? Mukund: [Closing his eyes] Rithika it is! [He expected Pratyusha to either slap or throw water on his face but nothing happened. When he opened his eyes, the chair before him was empty.]





This contribution is edited by Edlyn Dsouza & photographed by Pankaj Tottada.



This drama is available in a paperback & ebook.

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