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Tales from Omasian

Updated: Nov 18

Tales from Omasian is a collection of books by R. S. Chintalapati telling fascinating stories about various creations in diverse parts of the Omasian Universe in God’s Council.

The collection includes a novel titled “The Four Brothers”, two novelettes titled “Akori’s Throne” & “The Soul Snatcher”, an anthology titled “Crowns & Curses”, & a novella titled “Seven Knightlords.” Each story deals with one creation & explores their world to a small extent giving a fondness of this universe.

Illustrations by Nisha Yadav & Sravani Dhulipala


Exclusive Books

  1. The Soul Snatcher

  2. Crowns & Curses

  3. Akori’s Throne

  4. Coming Soon

  5. Coming Soon



This anthology is edited, & illustrated & by various collaborators. Please check each contribution for credits.



All the books in this collection are sold independently. If you wish to make a purchase, check the individual story & acquire a copy. All stories are available in paperback & ebook as a collection too.

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