The Four Brothers: Chapter I

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Vernakula’s Order

As the sun’s rays adorned Creator Vernakula’s hall, making the floor’s gemstones glitter, the young child with ebony skin focused on listening to thousands of souls longing for rebirths with her eyes closed even though she loved the panorama.

Trying to help as many as possible by giving them a second chance, Creator Vernakula noticed that she had a visitor. She opened her green eyes and saw Aelius appear on the teleporting platform in the hall’s centre.

A five feet tall man in his twenties with broad shoulders, black curly hair and glorious green eyes walked in for the first time with a feeling of reverence, darting at the hall’s grandeur. The King of Verni [1], adorned in armour & silk, kneeled before his Creator without saying a word.

Waving her hand, implying him to rise, Creator Vernakula said, “Welcome, Aelius! After all these years, I’m hoping you might live up to your responsibility.”

Looking at the young King feeling guilty, Vernakula continued, “For years, you walked away from your responsibilities to fulfil your desires, and if it weren’t for your father, you would not be here. Before anything, I want you to know that as much as I despise your infidelity, I haven’t got many illirens [2] to spare.”

Realising why the Creator invited him, Aelius replied, “I apologise for what has happened, Mother. I promise to carry out your command as much as I can.”

Smiling as she heard him, Vernakula said, “My command is that I want you to unite my world & become its first World Emperor.”

As soon as Aelius heard it, his mind raced, “Conquering the entire world? Can my forces even win against the Raiders? What would be the fate of my people after I march to war and lose?”

Understanding that he needed time, Vernakula waited patiently. Thinking twice about what he wished to say, Aelius whispered, “Forgive me, mother! I cannot.”

Standing up from her throne and walking down the steps, Vernakula gently created a cup of milk and passed it to Aelius. While he sipped, Vernakula said, “When I set out to create Velators, I never anticipated the desire to corrupt them so much. But now, I see innocents burnt alive and the weak sold like cattle. Kings slay the innocents & let the crooked walk away. Your mission is to reestablish the order that’s quickly fading into darkness.”

Sipping his drink, Aelius thought about it, but deep inside, he didn’t believe that neither he nor his men could win. Troubled with insecurity, he asked, “Mother, I am pleased with your intention, but I am no more than a mortal, and I would like to know why have I been chosen to complete this quest?”

Vernakula knew it wasn’t easy for any king to accept such a quest, and she knew Aelius would hesitate. So she patiently replied, “We as Creators have a few souls that we believe would serve a great purpose in our creations. These souls filled with knowledge from their previous births are called illierns, and every Creator uses them to accomplish their quests. Aelius, you are one of the noble souls who just lost your way until now.”

Realising that if it wasn’t in his capability, Creator Vernakula might not ask him, Aelius said, “Mother, with your gracious blessing, I would take up this quest, and I promise till my last breath, I shall serve to complete it. However, I want you to promise me something in return.”

Vernakula laughed, and her voice echoed. She knew how they all have materialistic needs, and without further ado, “I promise you that I shall bless you with a child as a descendant as you desire.”

Bowing in happiness, Aelius walked back to the teleporting platform and just before he disappeared, Vernakula said, “Remember, everything I promised would go in vain the moment you commit or act misguided. Powerful men like yourself do not have the privilege of learning from their mistakes.”



  1. Verni Kingdom: Located in the Vernakulan world, the Verni kingdom is mighty province in the central part of the world along with Raiders.

  2. Illierns: They are blessed souls used by the Creators to serve a purpose.





This contribution is reviewed by Harsha Modukuri & Rajiv R Nair, edited by Ahna Sahi, R. K. Chamarla, Sree Raj & Tarun Chintam & illustrated by Nisha Yadav.



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