The Four Brothers: Chapter II

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Gelrik’s Plea

Sitting on his chair in the topmost chamber of Tri Tower, built on the black sky, Commander Gelrik read history as he did every evening. He was a stone creation with a lean face, sharp eyes and ears, brown skin, and transparent eyes and was, perhaps, one of the few Jertins who had travelled a lot.

Historically, Creator Irma created Jertins to serve one purpose, which was to protect the portals that helped creations travel across the universe, and Gelrik was the commander of the Jertins guarding the Kulas portal. Based on their training & experience, each Jertin sword is enriched, with the best of them carrying a snow-white coloured sword made of gemstones.

Resting beside the fire, Gelrik read, “Creator Omas did not just gift his children with magic but also blessed them love and empathy as he knew that emotions will define his children more than their powers ever will.”

With a smile on his face, Gelrik thought how untrue it was, and he turned to the warmth before the chamber doors opened all of a sudden, and a Jertin rushed in. On seeing his lavender wings, Gelrik recognised him to be from the first line of defence managed by Chief Jertin himself. Following him were two guards who were trying to stop him entered. Placing his book on the table, Gelrik asked, “What is it? What brings you here?”

Closing his broad wings, Jertin said, “I bring grave news, commander. The first line of defence is destroyed, and an army of nearly ten thousand soldiers with crimson swords is marching ahead. Their generals were so powerful that their charms destroyed the walls within a moment. I’m here to warn you of the impending danger.”

Gelrik stood from his chair, shocked and asked helplessly, “Chief Jertin is deceased?”

The Jertin bowed his head in silence, and Gelrik stood dumbfounded. He thought, “Crimson swords? There isn’t any race that uses such weapons.”

Over the years, Gelrik was one of the few commanders who requested to build more communication rather than utilise messengers, but the Chiefs proudly refused. They kept boasting that there hasn’t been and never will be a force that could defeat even their first line of defence.

Reaching the Jertin, Gelrik ordered, “I want you to visit Creator Orunkula and inform his highness about the peril and request his help. We would be doomed before long without him. Now, leave at once!”

Bowing, the Jertin walked out and jumped off the corridor into the darkness. A moment later, as he fell, he spread open his lavender wings that illuminated in the dark. The guards who entered behind the messenger waited for orders, and Gelrik instructed them to plead for help from Creator Irunkula and Vernakula.

Exiting, the guards at once opened their broad ivory-coloured wings and jumped off the fort, and Commander Gelrik walked out of his chamber and bellowed, “Prepare for battle!”

Soon enough, a few Jertins started playing the drums, and soldiers on the third line of the wall began to open their ivory white and sapphire blue wings.





This contribution is reviewed by Harsha Modukuri & Rajiv R Nair, edited by Ahna Sahi, R. K. Chamarla, Sree Raj & Tarun Chintam & illustrated by Nisha Yadav.



This novel is available in paperback & ebook.

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