The Four Brothers: Chapter III

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Xelria’s Desire

Sitting on his throne with eyes closed, Orunkula, the Soul Master and eldest of all the three Kulas, talked to Omas and Irma in the Septon’s Hall [1] of God’s Council through his cosmic form. With four thrones empty, the council was nowhere close to what it used to be. After a long talk about farming new souls, Irma said, “My brother Creator Pathra is delighted as they have created their children, but my beloved wife Irmiti has always been worried about him.”

While Omas smirked, Orunkula replied, glancing at the elegant Irma, “I believe Creator Irmiti worries for no reason. Let us not forget how powerful Creator Patra is and how he helped us from Creator Authur. I strongly believe Creator Patra knows what he is doing.”

While Irma stayed silent, Omas curiously asked Orunkula, “Haven’t you yet come up with any notions for your creations? Since I believe you see humans as disgraceful, may I suggest you can create one of the races of Creator Irma? He has a few magnificent creations too.”

Orunkula did not say a word as usual, and Irma ended the silence by saying, “If that is all for now, it has been a pleasure.”

Noticing the others after finishing his words for a moment, Irma disappeared, and Omas followed him. Looking at the empty hall filled with different gemstones, Orunkula opened his eyes to see his empty hall filled with golden colour gemstones with azure blue gems in the centre.

He stood up, thinking, “Creations? Why should I waste my power on filthy creations which would not even consider me worthy?”

Meanwhile, Xelria, the only human creation Orunkula has ever created to fulfil his lust walked towards him from one of the chambers to his right. He crafted her physically with all of what he desired from a woman.

Walking down the stairs with molten gold pouring down till the last step, Ourunkula embraced her to ask, “What is it? You seem to be worried?”

Placing her head on his chest, she replied, “I sometimes feel I was created only to fulfil your pleasures, my lord. As days pass by, I worry my mortality will get me replaced by another. A desire like lust is unquenchable, and for an immortal Creator like you, love is a danger than pleasure.”

Raising her head and kissing her carmine lips while she closed her eyes, Orunkula whispered, “Fear not, my love, I always have and will love you alone forever.”

After a moment of silence, Xelria requested, “Then promise me, my lord, that you shall bless me with children. Nothing can make me happier, and nothing is more beautiful and precious than children to me.”

Orunkula knew her desire. Being a Creator, he knew how humans were. First comes love and then pleasure. When they are satisfied with both, they seek offspring. While Xelria still rested on his chest, placing her head and waiting for an answer, Orunkula took a deep breath and put it straight forward, “My love, you have always given me the utmost pleasure and fulfilled my desires, but to have children isn’t simple. However, I promise that I will fulfil your wish in the years to come if everything happens as expected, but until then, you must be patient.”

Xelria raised her head and smiled in happiness. Looking back into her innocent eyes, Orunkula thought, “I must find a way to destroy her desire. Children with her would lead to my banishment from the God’s Council.”



  1. Septon’s Hall: Built in Paradise, this hall is the landmark for all the Soul Masters to meet.





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