The Four Brothers: Chapter IV

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Irunkula’s Intent

Orunkula and Xelria spent some time in their private chamber, and as soon as she fell asleep, he walked to the main hall. As he entered, he saw many tiny orange colour dots joining before him. Observing them keenly, Orunkula smiled and a few moments later, all the dots connected, and his younger brother Irunkula, the most attractive amongst all the Kulas, appeared in the centre of the hall above the azure blue gemstones.

He had pale white skin, sharp black eyebrows which covered his precious sandstone hue eyes, silky black hair till his shoulders and a white armour covering his chest.

After both stared at each other for a moment, Irunkula asked, “Trying to enjoy the Sun’s warmth, brother? Perhaps, it can never surpass the warmth your creation is giving you, could it?”

Orunkula smiled while both sat on golden chairs that formed beneath them and a round table filled with two cups of sweet milk. Sipping the drink, Orunkula curiously asked, “So brother, did you finally make up your mind for your creations? Because the last time, you promised to meet me only after you sorted it out.”

Irunkula looked at the hall after a long time, and nothing had changed. The lonely hall, which he called the golden graveyard, was filled with a strange atmosphere. Though he heard his brother, he initially wanted to ask, “The last time I came here, I warned you that having a creation to satisfy your sexual desire is a sin. Haven’t you promised me to destroy her? Haven’t you promised never to repeat such a mistake?”

Orunkula was fed up and wasn’t in the mood to talk about Xelria. So he impatiently replied, “I wish your visit does have a reason apart from pointing out my weakness, I suppose.”

Knowing that Orunkula would get furious if asked more, Irunkula closed his eyes and said, “So brother, I have finally made up my mind to create a race, and I wish to call them fairies. They will have wings, be born with magical powers, and many other boons.”

While Irunkula spoke about fairies, Orunkula wondered why he was being told all about it because if his younger brother did make up his mind, he would have created them by now, as the Soul Core [1] for creation was already given to him long ago. Still, Irunkula said, “I wish to tell you this because I need your help to create the fairies.”

Orunkula placed his cup on the table and asked, “Help? What exactly do you want me to do?”

Irunkula hesitated for a moment before saying, “I wish that my creations have two souls instead of one, and as you know, without the approval of the Soul Master, I cannot create such a race. So here I am requesting your help.”

Now it made sense to Orunkula. Standing up from his chair, he walked toward his brother and said, “I cannot defy the rules of creation by gifting your fairies to possess two souls to fulfil your desire to create a supreme race, brother. I am very sorry.”

Looking at his brother politely refusing made Irunkula furious, and he shouted, “You created a woman to satisfy your desire but cannot approve this because it is against the rules? You are a disgrace, brother!”

Hearing Irunkula shout, as his voice echoed in the sky castle, Xelria woke up, and while she still lay on the bed, she heard Orunkula furiously shout, “If you wish, I will create as many beautiful women as you want to fulfil your desire but what you have asked shall not be granted!”



  1. Soul Core: A ball of souls covered by Orinum cut off from Soul Celestial Home by Creator Omas.





This contribution is reviewed by Harsha Modukuri & Rajiv R Nair, edited by Ahna Sahi, R. K. Chamarla, Sree Raj & Tarun Chintam & illustrated by Nisha Yadav.



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