The Soul Snatcher: Chapter II

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Battle of Golden Tower

As the Sun rose, Elrin the commander of Knights at Merk ordered his men to form lines while facing the Emperor’s battalions. He knew they would be slaughtered but he couldn’t defy the promise he made to Archen. He couldn’t give up the sacred chain.

Ever since Archen asked them to secure the Golden Tower, the Knights have been killing everyone who approached their camps built around the tower. Not intending to change his position while glancing at the forces before him, General Elrin took a deep breath before shouting, “We have pledged to defend this tower to our death! Let us keep our promise!”

Pulling out his sword, he shouted, “To honour and glory!” and his men shouted, “To honour and glory!” before following their general’s lead.

As General Elrin raced forward gallantly, all his Knights followed him. Predicting that arrows would be shot, most Knights held their shields. The Emperor’s generals did notice the shields but that didn’t stop them from commanding their archers to shoot every arrow at their own will. This truly unleashed chaos and the long arrows killed many Knights before they struck the first blow.

When the Knights were almost approaching them, the Emperor’s cavalry charged and blood spilt like rain. Following the cavalry, the infantry advanced and the last few Knights were arrested. Though they knew that their defeat was inevitable, they did send a lot of soldiers to their graves before being captured.

Following their capture, the Emperor’s Generals rode towards the tower. As they approached it, they noticed that the coal-black tower was like one of their prisons. Getting down from his horse and walking towards the tower, General Hector pulled out his shiny, lustrous key embedded with ruby and placed it in the keyhole of the seven-foot-tall black metal door.

When it opened, Hector thanked the Blessed for the key and when the doors completely opened, they could notice that the black tower slowly started to turn golden. As it shone in the sunlight, all generals pulled out their swords before entering the fort.

They could see the statue of Archen and no one else. As Hector moved forward along with the others, twelve Archen’s minions appeared out of nowhere. They were cloaked and didn’t look anything like their master, the embodiment of the immoral.

Before the generals even took one more step, one of the minions warned, “One step forward and all of you shall have to embrace death.”

With a smile on his face, Hector stepped forward and attacked the minion. Following him, the other generals attacked and soon enough all of them were fighting. Though the minions looked lean, their force in striking their enemy was intensive.

Within a short while, the generals took down two of the minions and this made the other minions panic. For the first time, one of the minions teleported and sliced a general’s head. This use of magic changed the rules. Now every general’s sword turned red.

With these red swords, even if the general touched the minions, they would burn to their death. However, neither the generals nor the Blessed who gave the generals these swords knew the sword’s powers exactly except for the fact that these swords possessed magical power. So two more generals were killed due to the lack of knowledge before all of the minions were taken down.

The last three generals walked towards the tall black statue of Archen and around the neck of the statue was the precious and pristine chain.

Studded with a ruby, an emerald and a sapphire, this chain called the Chain of Three Jewels was believed to be forged by the Bloomers. Removing it from the statue, Hector put it carefully in his stash before starting their return journey to the capital.





This contribution is edited by Sreekar Ayyagari & illustrated by Nisha Yadav.



This novelette is available in paperback & ebook.

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