The Soul Snatcher: Chapter III

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Noble Soul

Though Glinda knew that the battalions wouldn’t reach Merk yet, she was awake all night reevaluating her decision in the number of battalions sent. Predicting that the battalions would reach Merk the next morning, Glinda sat in her chamber awake all night wondering if she should have sent more battalions. By the next morning, her belief about being victorious faded. That evening when she almost made up her mind to send a few more battalions, a scout returned from Merk to inform her about the victory.

That night again, even the cold autumn breeze, the full moon and the news about their victory couldn’t make her sleep. She awaited to obtain the chain and as the Sun was almost waking up, she heard the city guards playing the drum. Getting off her chair, Glinda immediately rushed to the ministers’ hall in the southern part of the palace to meet the generals.

She stood facing the door and heard the army entering the castle. She heard the footsteps and just a moment later, General Hector entered the ministers’ hall to notice her.

Walking towards the old woman he hated, General Hector kneeled before saying, “With God Olrin’s blessings, we have acquired the chain. However, it did cost us a lot of lives. I hope their families are taken care of properly.”

Signalling the general to raise, Glinda replied, “We will always take care of those who deserve it, General Hector. If these families have contributed their children to the army, I’m sure we would stand by them at any cost.”

Controlling his anger, General Hector mentioned, “They were brave men who gave up their lives to obtain this piece of jewellery. A few of them didn’t even know what they were dying for but they did. They believed in us and I know how we work. That’s exactly why I’m asking you to reconsider my request.”

Silence prevailed for a moment before Glinda replied, “I will try my best and that’s the end of this discussion. Now I would like to take the chain.”

Obeying her, the middle-aged general passed the golden chain with his hands stained in blood. Without noticing the blood, Glinda just took the chain and glanced at it.

Noticing her for a moment, General Hector bowed before leaving. He knew that neither he nor Glinda could bring any change to the system that their Emperor had established. A system based on fear. But Hector firmly believed that such a system would sooner or later fail.

Holding the chain, Glinda commanded, “General Hector! On the command of our Emperor, we would want the captured knights to be burnt to death before our people.”

Turning to look at the minister for one last time, General Hector nodded his head in agreement before continuing to leave. Noticing him for a moment, Glinda felt the general was getting tired and would soon need to retire and spend more time training young soldiers.

She waited until the doors closed before leaving for the prince’s chambers. As she expected, the Emperor was spending time with his son just like every morning.

Noticing Glinda, the Emperor remarked, “So we have finally obtained the instrument that would part me and my son forever.”

With a smile, the young prince lying in his bed said, “Maybe this is my purpose, father.”

The very next moment, the Emperor remarked, “Your purpose is to serve after me and ensure this world wouldn’t fall back into chaos.”

Continuing to smile, Saviour replied, “I have been bedridden for two years, father. I’m impatiently awaiting my end with no belief that I would be able to serve you anymore. This way, at least I’m helping you find Olrin. With the embodiment, wouldn’t the world be at peace?”

With eyes filled with tears, Aelius didn’t say a word. Glinda on the other hand mentioned, “My prince, this chain has been forged by the Bloomers and even the Blessed don’t know how long a mortal can withstand its power. Maybe it would be wise to take time and wear it when you are truly ready.”

Extending his hand to his father, Saviour replied, “I’m one of the few mortals who are getting to choose my death… for me existing in this pain is more terrible than embracing my death. So let me sleep beside my father tonight, and tomorrow, I will be ready.”

Aelius held his son’s hand as he begged, “Forgive me, son. Forgive me.”

Pulling his father’s hand towards him, Saviour kissed it. With a smile, Saviour replied, “There is nothing to forgive father. I’m going to meet my mother soon.”

Listening to his son, Aelius broke down in tears and Glinda commanded the guards to leave before leaving the chamber herself.





This contribution is edited by Sreekar Ayyagari & illustrated by Nisha Yadav.



This novelette is available in paperback & ebook.

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