The Soul Snatchers: Chapter I

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Chain of Three Jewels

A century after Olrin held the last council which was conducted every year to help humans solve their problems; the world was ruled by a ferocious Emperor named Aelius. He ruled the complete Vernakula World and was blessed with a powerful army and a lot of wealth. However he wasn’t happy as he did not have a descendant for many years. ​ After several sacrifices and rituals to the Mother, he was blessed with a boy and he named him Saviour. Born with blue eyes and milk white skin tone, the boy was charming and as he grew, he was trained to be an exceptional warrior. When the prince was fifteen years old, he fell ill and was bedridden. Neither the healers nor the councillors could help cure his illness and as days passed by he grew weak.

One night, Aelius stood beside the window in his private chamber, staring at the stars wishing for a miracle to happen, his shining black hair and crimson silk robe swaying with a cold breeze. Moonlight lit the chamber and the stone walls hymned as the autumn winds struck them. The door opened and Aelius turned to see his minister Glinda walk in. She was a lean old woman with white silky hair till her waist. Her shallow green eyes sparkled in the dim room and when she approached the Emperor she bowed. “What is it, Glinda? What brings you to me at this hour?” asked Aelius curiously looking back at the dark sky. “It is about our prince, Emperor,” she answered. The Emperor turned towards her and she continued “It hurts me to tell you about this, Emperor, but being the minister under your command and blessed with many powers, it is my duty to do so. Our prince is a blessed soul and is capable of wearing the Chain of Three Jewels which is held with the Knights of Merk. By wearing this chain, our prince's soul will become visible to a few mortals including me after his death, and he can help me in my pursuit to find Olrin- the lost icon of our faith. I did not tell you about this all these years because, I hoped that our prince might live but as days are passing by, darkness is embracing him.” Aelius sternly said “My son has been dead since the day he got ill and I wish him not to suffer any longer. I have no objection to what you said, as my son would help thousands of men by helping you find Olrin. However I want you to succeed in this mission at any cost!” “Your kind heart is what makes our people prosperous, Emperor and I are grateful for your acceptance. I cannot assure you that I will surely know where Olrin is, as even the greatest minds in the world have failed to find him. Counting on your acceptance, I have already sent three battalions to fight against the Knights on my command. They will fetch us the Chain of Three Jewels.” ​ Aelius smirked and said “I am lucky to have you Glinda. Your service is unparalleled. Let me know when our men are back.” ​ Glinda bowed and before leaving she said “I expect them to be here by sunrise, Emperor.”





This contribution is created by R. S. Chintalapati, edited by R. K. Chamarla & illustrated by Nisha Yadav.



This novelette is available in paperback & ebook.

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