The Soul Snatchers: Chapter II

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Soul Cages

Glinda sat in her chamber awake all night waiting for the Generals to return. Even the cold autumn breeze and the pleasant atmosphere could not make her fall asleep. ​ As the Sun rose, she heard the city guards drumming. Getting off her chair, she immediately raced towards the ministers’ hall which was towards the South of the palace.

She sat in her chair opposite to the door, closing her eyes; she wished that her Generals fetched her Chain of Three Jewels. She was so lost in her thoughts that she did not even hear a General walk in and a moment later she heard a firm voice saying “Olrin did fulfil your wish minister. I have finally brought you back the Chain of Three Jewels as you commanded. However, the war of Golden Tower did take a lot of lives, Generals and soldiers alike.” Opening her eyes to look at General Hector, Glinda gladly exclaimed “You are back! Hail Olrin!” General Hector was one of the six Generals who led the battalions against the Knights of Merk. “The Cursed in the Golden Fort were extraordinarily skilled ministers and their charms along with their teleportation power made them invincible. While six Generals walked in with the swords given to us by you, I am the only lucky survivor,” said Hector looking into the shallow green eyes of Glinda. The entire room was once more silent and the breeze hymned as it always did. “I always believed in you,” stated Glinda looking at the forty years old General with a muscular body and amber brown skin tone. His silver coated armour with two crossed swords symbol was stained with the knights’ blood. He passed her the Chain of Three Jewels and Glinda looked at the three gemstones, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire embedded in gold. As Hector walked back towards the stables, Glinda glared at the three jewels. She recollected reading the fairies of Kingdom of Imprin forge it. Holding the chain, Glinda rushed to the royal chambers of Prince Saviour. As she entered she could see Emperor Aelius sitting beside his son like he did for an hour every morning. Looking at Glinda he furiously screamed “I wish my power as an Emperor could somehow help save my son!” “Everything happens for a reason, Emperor. Let us not forget that even the scariest night’s end with the brightest light and not a soul is reborn without a purpose to serve”, said Glinda trying to soothe the Emperor. “It’s easier said than experienced,” retorted the Emperor, looking at his son who lay asleep for a year. Aelius continued “I have sat for a year, waiting for my son to be cured. Every morning, I walk towards his chamber hoping that he would open his eyes and I have always been disappointed. Glinda, even faith shatters at some point of time.” Glinda looked at the prince for a moment and asked “The chain has arrived, Emperor. However before I use it, I must presage that our prince might even die the moment he wears it.” Aelius placed his hands on the prince’s face and kissed on his forehead for one last time and walked out of the chamber. As he walked past Glinda, he said in a broken voice “Forgive me, son. I have never taken good care of you. If your mother would have been alive, she might have made sure you lived a happy life. Forgive me for what I am about to do to you.” When the Emperor left, Glinda adorned the prince with the chain and immediately rushed towards the meditation hall which was built in between the royal gardens beside the palace. Standing in the centre of the meditation hall that had ten meditating saints, she chanted a hex. For a moment she left her body and travelled back to the prince’s chamber as a soul. As soon as she reached, she could see the soul of the prince rise from his body. She followed the soul as it travelled through the capital city searching for a graveyard. The soul rushed through anything that came in its way and finally reached a graveyard. For a moment everything seemed normal but what Glinda saw in the graveyard aghast her. She returned to her mortal form, and screamed, “Fetch me a horse, now!” her screams disturbing the saints. An old man who served in the meditation hall by cleaning it every day on her command brought a horse from the stables. She informed the old man to send word to the Emperor that she would return back as soon as possible. Later she rode North towards the radiating City of Fairies for few days through the City of Fists, a clumsy and unplanned city best known for the rivers that flew through it, she finally reached the Fort of Four Hunters. One of the most successful achievements for Glinda was that her son was a Hunter. The fort built with black stone, was huge and was located in the outskirts of the city of Fairies which was the most beautiful city in the entire world. Beside the fort, were a lake and a lawn that covered the fort in all directions. It was the home for the Hunters who spent their lifetime learning and fighting according to the Mother's orders. From the past few decades, they spent their days learning about the shortcomings in all the creations and searching for Olrin. They lost their communication with Mother as their icon who spoke the Mother’s words was nowhere to be found. As Glinda rode towards the fort, before she reached the gates, she could see Kingston, a muscular man wearing blue robes, the chief of all Hunters teaching children in the lawn how to fight with swords. After she mentioned to the guards that she wanted to see her son Jasper, she was permitted to enter and her horse was taken to the stables. As she entered the main hall, she saw Wiler the smartest of all the Hunters with golden eyes, cream white skin tone and lean face with red curly hair. He was her son’s best friend and as usual was writing a book. Seeing Glinda, he greeted her and informed her directions to Jasper’s new room. As soon as she reached her son’s chamber, she hugged him. After a moment of casual talk, she explained to him how she had ordered for the Chain of Three Jewels and told him “When the prince’s body reached the graveyard, Cursed soldiers of Archen locked his soul in one of thousand Soul Cages built.” Jasper, the best archer among the Hunters with black silky hair, tiffany blue eyes and ivory white skin tone looked at her, shocked and she continued “In the meditation hall the wise had called it the Cage of Desired Souls!” Jasper thought for a moment and shrieked “With the cages, everything makes sense!”





This contribution is created by R. S. Chintalapati, edited by R. K. Chamarla & illustrated by Nisha Yadav.



This novelette is available in paperback & ebook.

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