The Soul Snatchers: Chapter III

Updated: Sep 12

Archen’s Ploy

Both Jasper and Glinda walked into the lawn before the fort, and as they walked, enjoying the scents of different flowers, Jasper said “Mother, what I am about to tell you has been the study of the Hunters for years and I am telling you this in hope that you can help us.” ​As Glinda waited to hear curiously, Jasper continued “Centuries ago when men were first given the choice between being virtuous and immoral after Olrin and Archen fought together to save this world from the Four Brothers, based on their natures, men chose. Those who wanted a happy life chose the virtuous, while those who wanted to stay young and immortal, seeking power chose the dark side. Anyway, for centuries the people who believed in Olrin, the symbol of righteousness, have led a life of bliss and as years passed by, more and more followers took the virtuous path as nothing is more beautiful and satisfying than happiness for a mortal, like a human. This alteration made Archen furious, though he offered all of his followers’ rebirth and extended their lifetime with many materialistic powers, his brother Olrin was turning off his followers.

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