The Soul Snatchers: Epilogue

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And just before Archen cut off Olrin’s head, he asked “The Hunters, Soul Tamers and everyone else were misguided because I wished no intrusion when the rituals were going on.” ​ Olrin bowed, accepting defeat and Archen swung the sword but all of a sudden two fairies appeared and holding his black coat they threw Archen aside. While he crashed to the ground, everyone in the arena heard the voice of the mother Vernakula; the creator and she spoke “I have created both of you to help the humans. While Olrin shall help the humans live optimistically, you Archen should punish the souls that have sinned and gift them rebirth for a better life but look at both of you now. It has been a century since Olrin last saw a human to help while Archen has been using the souls filled with unquenchable desires for your greed. Both of you are so lost in the race for supremacy that being brothers you haven't stopped from killing each other. You have degraded yourself and shall no longer be icons in this world. Brother Dreary’s arrows did work to destroy two of my forms.”

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